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Managing employee conflict

meninsuitswordfight32346821.jpg When employees are upset with another employee or are upset with the company, it can be really bad for the company.Customers hear what is going on and are turned off by the employee's attitude.If you are a manager here are some ideas for how to manage employee conflict.

There is only so much that you can do as a manager to prevent and resolve conflicts.Discourage them as much as possible and let them know when they are hired that conflicts won't be tolerated, especially if they bring the company or customers into it.If an employee is posing a threat or is starting become insubordinate then they need to be dealt with.Your company should have a disciplinary policy that you can follow if you have a problem with an employee.If it gets too bad, you might have to let an employee go.

Make policies that deal specifically with conflicts between employees.This will help your employees to know what will happen if they do have conflicts between other employees.They will know the consequences of their actions and it will hopefully help them to resolve their conflicts without bringing work into it.

If you have employees that are having problems with each other, make sure that your customers don't hear about it. Customers that hear fights between other employees will think that you don't care about it and that you aren't doing anything to prevent it.It can also make a customer want to leave the company.They will be completely turned off by what they see and won't want to shop there anymore.

If you do have conflicts between employees, try to resolve it.There are many different options out there.You can have them do counseling at the office by a third party consultant.The consultant will come to your office and will help resolve the problem without taking sides.You can also have the employees take anger management classes or another type of class to help them.Find something that works for you and them.If they complete the program and don't have a problem anymore then let them know they are welcome back into the company.No one like people who fight all the time and it just creates more problems for the company.People who don't want to change, should be let go or be changed into a different position.It isn't fair for the other employees to have to deal with it.

Let them know that you don't expect them to be best friends, but that you do expect them to be respectful of each other.They aren't being asked to give up everything that they think and believe in, but they are being asked to be respectful of other people and their beliefs.

Having conflicts at work it horrible.It puts everyone in a situation that they don't want to be in.It usually take a manager to get rid of the problem.Use these ideas for the next time that you have a conflict at your work place.

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