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Managing when you have employees away on sick leave

Most companies or businesses at one time or another will have employees away on sick leave. As a company or business owner you will need to provide so much sick leave to each employee you have. Sick leave is more then just one day of work missed. If an employee misses too much work it can become a problem for your business or company. How are you to manage when you have employees away on sick leave? There are some options to look at and consider for you and the employee on sick leave.

Before sick leave even becomes an issue in your workplace you will want to make sure that you have employees that are cross-trained to do other jobs. When you have cross-trained employees it is easier to fill a void made by another employee that may be on sick leave. With this method of cross-training any of your employees can take over another employees work for a short period of time.

You may be unsure of how long the particular employees' sick leave will be. You should be in contact with this employee so that you have a good idea of what is going on and how long you should expect the leave to last. If your employee is under orders from their doctor not to return to work then there may not be much you can do. If your employee is allowed to return from sick leave on a part time basis there are a few things you can look at doing.

Telecommuting is an option for many employees and the companies or business's they work for. The employee can still stay home and recover from whatever caused the sick leave and they can also regain their full pay. The employee would work from home doing the same tasks they would do at work. This will help you so that you don't have to hire someone new for the limited amount of time your employee is out on sick leave.

You can also look at job sharing for the employee on sick leave. When the employee is released to come back to work they may only want to come back part time in order to fully recover. They can then share their job with another part time worker. Both will have the same type of job just be working different hours. This allows the employee to come back to work gradually and saves you from hiring someone new to replace the sick leave employee.

These options may not work for every company or business. Telecommuting and job sharing may not be profitable for your particular type of business. You may need to look at other options.

Hiring temporary workers is one of those options. There are many temp agencies around the country for you to call. They will need to know what type of worker you are looking for and about how long you will need the worker. They will find someone to fill the gap in your workplace. Temporary workers are only there for the time you need them leaving the position open for when the sick leave employee is able to return to work.

Sick leave is not something you can really plan for. Employees have the legal right to take their sick leave and return to their job. You as a manager just need to cope until they return. There are options to look at and help your company survive during the time of sick leave. Managing when you have employees away on sick leave doesn't need to be hard. Take your time to look and evaluate all options. Stay in touch with the employee on leave and do what is best for everyone involved.

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