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Monitoring office communication and making needed changes

Communication isn't always easy among others, especially in the workplace. There are many different personalities and many different agendas that people function on. It is important when working in an office to monitor the communication of your staff. A lot of times communication problems can be easily fixed by taking some simple steps. Frequently monitoring office communication and making needed changes is important to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Talking to others may be extremely easy for most people, but when it comes to real communication that's where the problem usually sets in. Communications requires that we listen and speak competently, not just mindlessly. There are some good tips to ensure your employees are participating in good productive communication.

Watch reactions:
Monitor and observe the way your employees speak to one another. Advise individuals not to take another persons reaction or anger personally. Individuals with rotten moods are usually due to their own fears or frustrations, not you personally. Give proper time for them to vent before reacting to their emotions.

Share personal responsibility:
Your own reactions to questions may be causing others to react negatively. Share personal responsibility when communicating with others in the office. If you and others make an effort to respond politely rather than react quickly, that will ensure good communication in the office.

The importance of hearing:
Many individuals want to be heard more than agreed with. Far too often people feel they have to agree in order to be someone that others can come to. Being a good listener requires your attention and saying important things like: "Tell me what's bothering you", "Can I help with anything?", "Would you feel better if." These phrases show that someone is attentive and a good listener.

If you are noticing that your office is lacking good communication skills then you should consider making a few changes. Making changes will help the overall morale and mood of the office and the employees.

What changes can be made to better office communication?
Some main reasons good communication lacks in businesses is the levels of command. One of the best ways to help communication is to avoid multiple levels of management and multiple positions in command. Rather than making employees go through proper levels of authority to communicate their ideas and concerns, make an open-door policy where employees feel comfortable talking to anyone no matter where they are on the ladder of command. This makes employees feel that their opinions, no matter how big or small, are valued. It also makes it easier for employees to communicate any problems they might have with a particular individual on the management team.

Another way to make the office communication better is to have employees work on specific projects and other important tasks together. If all levels of management and all employees work together, then those not in as high positions are less likely going to be intimidated by employees higher up in management. Focus on working together as a group. Let all members feel comfortable and accountable to one another.

Always encourage communication among your employees, emphasize to the newer and other employees not in management how important it is for them to offer their opinions. Employees that may not have a higher rank in the company may feel their input is not as important, so they may not feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. Always remember to ask everyone what they think and engage them in the conversation. This way all employees will realize their importance and will communicate more openly.

Monitoring office communication and making needed changes will help make your office a happier and more positive atmosphere. Who wouldn't want to work at a place that is happy and fun to be at? Most people long for that where they work. Make your office a great place to work full of positive communication and respect between others.

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