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Optimizing Your Time Management

First of all there is no such thing as time management.We must accept the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day.This my friends will never change!But what can help you make better and more effective use of the time are the choices that we make regarding how we will use those 24 hours.Accomplishing more whether in the home or work environment can be achieved but it takes work and a plan.Try these steps to get you going.

#1-Make sure that you are focused on the right stuff?I've found that many times women sweat over the small things rather than choosing what is most important and focusing on those things.

#2-Focus on one thing at a time. Although women are blessed with the ability to multi-task, we often do five things "sorta well" instead of 3 things really well.Every time that I over extend myself by taking on too many tasks at once I do something stupid like burn myself, or lock my keys in the car.In the long run, women can lessen their frustration levels and increase the amount of work that is achieved by being more focused.

#3-Avoid the temptation to over promise. Be realistic about what is really achievable.Internal strive related to not "measuring up" is a source of negative energy.Negative energy blocks your ability to innovate or look at your task with a fresh perspective.

#4-Pace yourself - use your energy wisely by giving yourself permission to recharge during the day.Believe it or not you actually can accomplish more in any given day if you are refreshed and full of energy.

#5-Hard work deserves a reward.So, at the end of the day give yourself something small like calling a friend who lives in another state or visiting the local florist (to buy flowers yes, for yourself).One of the main reasons why we dread tasks is because we fail to think about what comes after the task is done.So make it a part of the plan and watch how these small deposits keep your motivation level high.

Author: Trudy Bourgeois

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