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Quality Customer Service

What does customer service mean to you and your business on the internet How do you satisfy you customers What can you learn about customer service from the ‘big boys'

Customer service is about satisfying your customers expectations and providing your customers with low stress options for doing business with you. Take this example; If you walk into one of the ‘big box' retailers that are springing up all over North America and are greeted by friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff that are only all to happy to lend a helping hand and make your shopping experience as painless as possible are you more likely to go back to that store for further purchases Probably. The other thing that this type of customer service does is provide it's customers with a reason to promote that business via word of mouth. If you are happy with the customer service you received you are more than likely to let others know how much you enjoyed shopping at this particular retailer.

The flip side of the above example; If you walked into a competitors place of business and there was no one to greet you or no assistance was offered, would you still shop there You may if the price is right. These types of retailers use sales and other promotional ideas as a way of providing customer service.

The similarity of the two retailers noted above is that they are both satisfying customers expectations. The difference is in the eye of the consumer. Some consumers are looking to buy products at the best possible price and do not need to be 'wooed' by staff, while others need to be shown that they are valued as a customer by the retailer.

IF you substituted the consumers in the above two examples you may find that neither consumer would enjoy there shopping experience. The fact of the matter is that consumers operate under different motivations.

So how does this relate to your online business You need to understand your customer base. The odds are you will be servicing both types of consumers. One of the best ways to find out who your customers are and what there particular needs are is providing them with a survey to fill out. This is a great way to get valuable feedback to help you improve both your customer service and product. You must constantly evaluate how you deal with customer service issues.

One other thing regarding customer service is the trust factor. Your customers must be made to feel they can trust you. After all, you are asking them to give up their hard earned money in exchange for a product or service that you have convinced them they need. A constant dialogue with your customers is a must to develop trust. You need to be there to answer your customers questions and concerns and provide assistance when needed.

You must also satisfy those customers that may have changed there mind about your product/service and want a refund. This happens in every type of business and you should not feel badly about it. Provide the refund and be courteous. You may just see this person as a customer sometime down the road. If you do not honour such requests, you are setting your self up to be bad mouthed and you certainly do not want that. One thing to remember is the old saying 'the customer is always right'. Good luck!

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