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Should you hire an HR department for your small business?

Human resource departments are a vital part to any large company.The human resource department takes care of the technicalities of the workplace and ensures a safe, fair and well organized environment where people cam work productively.The question then is, is there enough of a workload for you to need to hire an HR department?To decide whether or not you should hire an HR department for your small business, it is important to address the needs that the average company has that an HR department can address.

  • HR departments are helpful in resolving ethical issues, especially those involved in the employer-employee relationship.The HR department is responsible for providing both the company and the employee with just resolution.The HR department is responsible for outlining the rights and duties owed between employer and employee.
  • Another big part of HR's job is to handle issues involving discrimination.The HR department is both advocate foe employee and employer in issues of discrimination based on age (ageism), gender, race, religion, disabilities, weight, attractiveness, etc.
  • The HR department manages external relations as they pertain to employees.HR is responsible for democratically addressing issues that involve outside party threats on the company.Strikes, protest, and issues with worker's unions are handled by the human resource department.
  • HR is also responsible for maintaining the rights of the employee as they pertain to the company.Issues such as compensation and benefits are kept confidential.HR is responsible for ensuring other privacy issues as well.Other privacy issues in the workplace include workplace surveillance and drug testing.
  • An employer has certain rights to privacy not only from those who are not members of a company, but to employees as well. The HR department can take special care to see that inside information is not leaked to anyone other than approved personnel.
  • HR is responsible for making judgment calls regarding fair treatment and just compensation.It is HR's responsibility to ensure that no employee is worked beyond the requirements that were agreed upon when the job was accepted.
  • The human resource department also has the responsibility of ensuring the occupational safety and health of the employees that are on-the-clock.HR's risk management department works to ensure that you are not but in any unreasonable danger while you are performing your job.In the case of an at-work accident, HR is responsible for helping you seek medical treatment.

A human resource department provides your company with a great deal of security against claims of unfair treatment or harassment.There is definite value in having a HR team that is working to satisfy the needs of both employee and employer.Bias is difficult to overcome when you are handling your own company issues.Having a department that is completely devoted to providing sound council, no matter the situation, certainly comes in handy.

So what about your small business?You are aware of the benefits and possibilities of hiring an HR department but are still undecided concerning whether or not you need to spend the extra money.Well, consider the fact that in today's society when someone does something to you that you do not like, one of the first things that comes to your mind is "sue them."If you have not provided protection for yourself through instilling a department dedicated to ensuring that such claims have no ground, you will be in a lot of trouble.If you expect growth from your company, you must also plan for adversity.It may be well worth whatever investment you will make now to hire an HR team that can save you a lot of wasted time and grief down the road.

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