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Succeeding as a team manager


Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you succeed as a team manager.

Tip one:

You are going to want to focus strictly on the facts. This rule is probably the one that you are going to have the hardest time with because of how easy it is for us to be sidetracked by gossip and rumors about other people. The problem is that if you do not focus on the facts and find yourself being swept away by rumors it can have disastrous consequences. You want to focus on reality, not on what you wanted to see happen, but on what actually happened. When talking to other people and dealing with issues you want to separate the facts from the opinions so that you are prepared to deal with what is going on. Staying focused on the facts allows you to evaluate data based on its factual content, rather than on the source of the information.

Tip two:

When it comes to managing a team, you will need to be the person who is providing some type of stability for the time. The best way to do this is to be a problem solver rather than a problem maker. You are going to need to figure out what information you need to block out, meaning what is factual information and what is just noise. What you will want to do is to look at every new situation and take in the information that is being presented to you. Once you have had time to absorb the information you will want to make a decision about the appropriate action that you should take. This technique is also referred to as providing a measured response, which is your best choice when managing a team. There will be certain situations that require you to act quickly, which means you won't have time to think, you will only be able to act. These situations are not as common, but you will learn to recognize them for what they are.

Tip three:

As a team leader you need to stay away from assumptions, you cannot be paranoid about anything. If you are paranoid or assume the wrong thing, you are going to end up coming to the wrong conclusion. Coming to the wrong conclusion can cause many problems for both you and your team members, not to mention that it can cause people's feelings to get hurt. When you are dealing with something that has gone wrong in your team do not assume that somebody did it on purpose to hurt you, error on the side of incompetence and give people another chance. If it was done intentionally, they will soon make the same "mistake" again and you can take different measures when dealing with the problem.

Tip four:

When dealing with people you need to have a sense of humor, rather than being serious all of the time. There is a time and a place to be serious, just as there is a time and a place to be humorous. If you are always, serious people are not going to view you as an effective leader because they will think that you are perfect and can never laugh at anything. Being able to laugh at your own mistakes, no matter how much it hurts, will help you become a more effective team leader. This also goes along the lines of having something to do besides think about your job. You need to have some other kind of life to live so that you can effectively lead your team.

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