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The advantages and disadvantages of a 4-day workweek

manpullingofftie10054185.jpg Businesses have seen many costs continue to rise. The rising costs of everything from electricity to paper products have had some businesses wanting to know the advantages and disadvantages of a 4-day workweek.There are some businesses that have found they like a 4-day workweek because of all the advantages despite the disadvantages. But there are also some businesses that have found a 4-day workweek just doesn't cut it for their business.

When a business is looking at changing to a 4-day workweek, they will need to consider if the advantages will benefit the business enough to make the change. The advantages can include lowering utilities, better employee moral and longer hours in the day for after work customers.

Many times the need to have a 4-day workweek is to save money.One great advantage of a 4-day workweek is that the utility bills are lower.This is because there is less start up energy needed.There is also less time during the heat of the day that the offices need to be cooled.

In the winter there is less needed energy to heat the building because one day has been cut out.It is easier and cheaper to heat a warm building than a cold one.One state organization reported saving $60,000 a year in electricity alone by changing to a 4-day workweek.

A favorite advantage of a 4-day workweek for employees is the moral boost it gives them.By giving employees (and employers) a three-day weekend every weekend, they tend to be more revitalized for the next weeks work.They can spend the extra day off with family and friends and get projects done outside of the office.

By using a 4-day workweek the improved employee moral improves the business and work done by employees.Employees are more motivated and ready to do the needed work in the work place.This will only make the profit margins of the business increase.

Another great advantage of a 4-day workweek is that the longer hours allow customers time to come in after their workday.Many businesses will start earlier in the morning like around 7am.And other businesses have found that they are better to stay open until 7 or 8 pm.Either way it allows potential customers additional hours to come in and do the business they need done.

Even though these are great advantages there are some disadvantages that businesses have found with a 4-day workweek.Some disadvantages include employees needing to adjust daycare for children, longer workdays may require more breaks and depending on the type of business, sales may drop.

When businesses change to a 4-day workweek employees with children have to make daycare adjustments.This may not be difficult with some employees.There will be the employees that will have to find a daycare or childcare facility that will take their children earlier or later than regular hours.This can be done but employers will need to be understanding and give the employee the time needed to make the change.

By increasing the workday to 10 hours a day there may be a need for more breaks within one day.This can be done and worked through, but will cause a problem if employee and employer don't agree.This doesn't mean more of a lunch hour; just some short 10-15 minute breaks throughout the day.

When retail businesses have a 4-day workweek, sales can be a major disadvantage.There are many customers that want to come on Friday or Monday to the business.If customers are used to coming on the day the business is now not open on, they can get discouraged and go to another business.Because of this disadvantage of a 4-day workweek may not be worth it to some businesses.

The advantages and disadvantages of a 4-day workweek need to be carefully considered for each business that is thinking of changing. The advantages can seem great for so many businesses, but some of the disadvantages may not seem worth it to other businesses.Look closely at the advantages and disadvantages of a 4-day workweek and do what is best for the company.

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