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The myths of social media networking and business

chartthree30393001.JPGThere are a growing number of misconceptions about the place of social media networking and business promotion. It is important to address these concerns as studies show that more and more businesses are joining the groundswell of those companies that are moving to establish a presence in these networks. Studies show that ever growing numbers of small business owners plan to establish a social media networking strategy. Business owners of all sizes of companies feel that this new form of marketing has many different advantages. Some of these advantages are-

  • It allows companies to market online in a cost effective way.
  • It utilizes few resources beyond the time needed to maintain it.
  • It has a successful and proven record of being able to generate leads.
  • It allows smaller businesses to keep up with what their larger competitors are doing, in their industry.
  • It allows businesses to have an online dialogue about what they can offer to their potential customers
Despite all of these listed benefits, there are still several myths that abound about how to best use social media networking. In order to effectively use this marketing tool, business owners should be aware of them and the information they need to dispel them. Here the myths of social media networking and business-
  • Every business must use social media networking-Recent studies have shown that almost 1/3 of small businesses don't use social media networking, simply because their customers do not. This is at the core of what social media networking really is, in other words if your customers are not there, there is no reason, for you to be there either. Businesses need to plan their marketing strategy to find where their potential target market is, wherever that may be. Do not fall into the trap of rushing onto social media networks and launching without having a plan. It is crucial to spend enough time doing research, and making sure that first, you need to be there, and second, when you are there you have the right plan. Experts recommend that one of the first things you do is get on these sites and see what is going on. Then you can begin to collect data as to whether your business needs to be promoted on that site. However, it is important to keep in mind that not only are you looking, for any information about your business; you should also be looking for any information that pertains to the product or service you sell. Any information that can help you promote your product and/or service is a reason to have a presence on social media networks.
  • You just set up your social media networking and then move on-To many companies think that once they establish an online marketing presence, on these sites they are done. This is far from the truth. Someone within the company needs to be responsible, for the upkeep and maintenance of these sites.
Companies that fail to do this, often find themselves with a public relations nightmare on their hands, when they do return to check on their social media networking sites. You should also make sure that any presence you have on social media networks, connects with your website and any other pertinent information. The bottom line however, is to make sure that whatever your social media strategy it should fit with your overall business goals and be manageable, all at the same time.
  • You can only use social media networking to get your message out-Do not make the mistake of assuming that social media networking is only for getting your message out. The very nature of social media networking makes it a conversation. Your potential customers want to know that what they are saying is being heard and acted on, and they don't want to be preached or oversold to. Good marketing is about establishing a relationship and social media networking, when done right allows you to do just that.
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