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The "Real" Lazy Man's Way To Riches Revealed!

Is there really a lazy way to riches? Most people would say no. I used to say that too, but not anymore.

Before we start off let me first define what I mean by lazy. Lazy to me doesn't mean that you don't do anything at all. Even the guy who wins the lottery has to go buy a ticket at some point, pick the winning numbers and submit it for the draw.

So as you can see, lazy doesn't mean you do nothing at all. It means you just do far less than normally required in proportion to the money you earn.

A good example of a "lazy way to riches" can be found in paid membership sites. When you join a membership site you usually pay a small monthly fee. In exchange you get a chest-load of free products. Some sites also give you the option to refer new members for a referral commission.

The referral commission you get paid is usually recurring. What this means is, you do the job (referral) once and then you get paid for it over and over again.

Let's say you join a paid membership site tomorrow and you refer your friend John. When John joins, in other words pays his membership fee, you will receive a portion of that as a referral commission.

The membership fee as well as the percentage you receive as a commission vary from website to website.

You will be paid that commission not only once but every time John makes his payment. In other words you get paid over and over again for a job you did once, referring John, which in itself didn't take much effort.

Once you have referred a few hundred or even thousand people you'll be able to afford to do even less. How does lying next to the beach everyday sound? But don't think that you'll now absolutely do nothing... You'll still have to do things like checking your email to seee how much money cash you have received the night before.

Now, if this is not a lazy way to riches, then I don't know what is. Of course not all membership sites are equal and therefore not all can make you rich.

There are certain things you have to look at before you decide which membership company to join.

1) The membership fee should be affordable and the referral commission should be worth your while. It's no use joining a company that doesn't paying you enough, because you can't be rich if you don't get the maximum return.

2) What products does the company offer? The company should offer products that appeal to people in the real world, rather then just Internet related products. A good example is self-improvement products. Every year self-improvement books are on the #1 bestseller lists. People just can't get enough of it. So if you offer similar books or other products, you can be sure you'll have something that people are interested in.

3) It also helps if the owner of the business you promote has written some of the products offered. This shows that the person knows what he's talking about.

Now you may ask me. Why is it that in spite of the fact that there are a number of membership sites that some people are not making money?

The problem is that most of the membership sites are only about Internet marketing. The other thing is that many people have not discovered membership sites and most of those who have, only promote on the internet and therefore to the same crowd (Internet marketeters).

If you've been on the Internet for a while like me you'll realize that it is the same people who are constantly marketing the same kind of products.

The normal person on the street is totally ignored. And come to think of it, those are the people who will be the most receptive to your message. They are your friends, family and co-workers and they also want financial freedom.

They know you and therefore they trust you more than a stranger they encountered on the internet. Even if you put your picture on the screen the person on the other side has no way of knowing if that's really you. Hence, the best way to connect with people is person to person. ect with people.

But, what about you... Did you also think that there's no such thing as a lazy way to riches? If yes, then I have hopefully changed your mind and introduced you to the unlimited amount of free money you can make.

by Leonard Roos

Leonard Roos is a success coach, author and entrepreneur. Visit his website today and discover the lazy man's way to riches. Leonard pays you a US$27.00 recurring commission for every new person you refer. You can also download a free ebook on "How to set and achieve goals"

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