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The value of an expression of interest letter

laptop30349514.jpgIf you have been in business for awhile, one document you should be familiar with is the expression of interest letter. An expression of interest letter simply introduces your business to other companies or investors to tell them why they should be doing business with you. Companies that are looking for financing often use their letters to help take their business to the next level.

Spending time on an expression of interest letter can help you generate more sales or it can be the demise of your company. To get started with an expression of interest letter, follow this basic format:

Upper right corner, your company name and address.
Left side, the date
Left side, the name and address to whom the letter is addressed.
Dear (name),
Center, the title of the document.

First paragraph. Include a mission statement of the company. Why is your company in business? The first paragraph should be able 3-4 sentences long.

Second paragraph. Include the reason why you are interested in working with this company. Under this list a few bullet points that include projects in the works and how working with this company will benefits both of you.

The closing paragraph. Include your gratitude for reading the letter and considering the possibility of working together.

Sincerely, your name typed and handwritten

It should be less than one page, but it should easily fill the entire page. Look up a few template samples so you can see the basic outline of how the expression of interest letter should look.

An expression of interest letter is basically a profile of your company. Be weary about self-congratulating the company as this can cause some potential clients to turn the other way. What you need to say is how you have tackled some important projects in the past and how partnering with this person or company will allow you both to take your businesses to the next level. The expression of interest letter should build your companies reputation and clearly set your company apart from others in the industry. It should compel the business to have a strong desire to answer the letter and work with your business.

Always have a couple people from your office read over the expression of interest letter. When you have multiple people checking it, you can make sure it is not overdone. It should look polished, but it shouldn't excessively boast about the accomplishments of your company. You need to write the letter in the mindset of what is in it for them, not what is in it for you.

The other important thing about writing an expression of interest letter is how quickly it captures the reader's attention and how it engages them. The opening paragraph should be brief and to the point, but it should also hook them in immediately.

The quality of the expression of interest letter will come down to your writing ability. Are you able to capture your audience within the first paragraph or have you lost them? Looking over a few different expression of interest letters will allow you to create a letter that best suits the needs of your business and the needs of the other business.

A great way to check over the quality of your expression of interest letter is to take a look at a few of the expression of interest letters that have been sent to your business. What compelled you to read the letters? Did you respond to any of the letters? The more letters you can look over, the easier it will be for you to develop an expression of interest letter that will help your company move up to the next level.

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