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Tips for better using IT as a manager

Five tips for using IT as a manager. Using IT, as a manager is something that all managers really need to utilize in order to get the most from the business and people they are managing.

Imagine if you had a manager that could watch over each person who is working for you. In a sense, the IT programs and department really does just this. A good IT program is set up to let you as a manager know what is going on, without you having to sit right there and watching every move that is made by your employees.

You will be able to know how to better train your employees, save money on resources, and increase overall productivity by the time you have finished using these IT tips as a manager.

The use of IT in your management will help you to be able to see what your employees may not realize you are seeing.You will be able to see websites that have been looked at, downloads, uploads, changes in the system, and many other computer and Internet information's that happen throughout your company.


Take the time to learn what options are available through IT for your business. If your company handles several agents who need to be on the Internet on a regular basis, then you may want to set up securities and tracking through IT simply to keep the company safe from improper sites, downloads, and viruses.

If you want to make sure that your employees are working, and not visiting the internet, or chatting on the companies time, then it may be a good idea to have IT track the hits that each employee has on the Internet. Therefore letting you know when they are goofing off, or working effectively.

Tip #2

Remember that IT is a way of learning what is happening, and then giving you a chance as a manager to create a much more efficient team of employees. All to often people in power gather information and use it as a tool to harm their employees, to dominate, and belittle. These types of behaviors will not help to increase a higher level of productivity.

Instead, use the information to find out what is happening. Then you will be able to know where to look in order to provide constructive criticism and with the result being better behaviors.

Tip #3

Take the information you get and ask questions.

For example:

You have a perfect employee. They are doing all of their work. They have never had a late project, been late to work, or caused any problems. All of a sudden you find out that they have several hits on the Internet.

You are thinking what are they doing that gets that many hits. Especially when they do not have the time to be on the Internet when they are getting all of their work done.

So asking questions will help you to manage better. Here is why. As you approach that great employee and ask them what they are doing on the Internet, they come back that they are on a chat programs specifically to talk to their wife who is bed ridden from surgery.

The employee shows you the chats, and there may be five things said in the days chats. How is it then that there are so many hits on the Internet you may ask? Well it is because the chat programs will refresh every few minutes, causing a new hit.

Wow, when you look at it this way, it would have been harmful to discipline your employee, in this circumstance. Therefore, there needs to be enough information gathered before there are any conclusions drawn.

Tip #4

Do not be afraid of what you find, and use that information wisely. The information you find is usually very accurate. If you find that an employee has several hits on the Internet to pornography sites. Then it is likely that is what they are doing. Therefore they are a risk to the well being of the company.

If it looks like something, it probably is. Company policy will dictate what an employee is allowed to do or not do on the Internet. If you say no Internet for some things, then stick by that. Using IT as a tool to help you enforce the policies and procedures of the company.

Tip #5

Set your business, policy and procedure, Internet and computer expectation ahead of time. Then, when you use IT and have hits or unacceptable downloads, you will not be surprising employees by bringing these issues up.

These five tips will make using IT more efficient and better as a manager. The reason is that you will be able to get the most from the resources you have available.

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