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Tips for changing your management style

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could improve your management style.It can be difficult to do so when you have found yourself making decisions that do not work and you feel uncomfortable about.Feeling that you are letting your employees down and not accomplishing all that you could is a very awful feeling.Ifyour management style is uneducated than it can affect your entire business.Changing the way that you have done things, especially if it has been a long while is very difficult.For most people, it's hard to admit that they need a change, but if you do so and come to learn new management styles it just may save your business and you stress level.This is very experimental.You can only decide what style of management works for you through trial and error.Here are some styles that might interest you.

1. The first and most dominating style of management is Autocratic.The Autocratic manager makes all of their decisions by themselves or deliberates with a team of senior managers.This manager will set tasks and requirements that each member of his team will be required to follow.It is very micro-managing, and gives each employee a very strict set path.This management method can work in certain circumstances, but is generally not a good way to go.It very often leads to a decrease in motivation in your employees.It can be very difficult to feel like you have absolutely no say in what happens to you and that your opinion is not valued.Even though some people thrive in this type of work environment, it generally causes people to feel under appreciated and can stunt creativity.Working with this method of management also deprives you, as a manager, of the ideas that an insightful staff can add to your team.There are generally better ways to be a leader and still maintain the respect of your team.
2. The second Management style is Paternalistic.This method is somewhat like the first style where the leadership is mainly stemming from one side, but each decision the manager makes is in the best interest of their employees.This method of keeping your employees happy can be very advantageous by building loyalty with your staff.It can also share some similar disadvantages with autocratic.It is almost always beneficial to add multiple points of view to your company.
3. The third management type is Democratic.Just as in a democratic society, in a democratic style of leadership, the leaders bring the decisions to the people.By doing this, leaders can make complex decisions faster by involving the whole team.This method generally helps the point of view of each employee, this style improves each employees motivation, helping them feel important.An employee who feels valued and that they are a part of the team, accomplishes more work of better quality than an employee who feels under appreciated.
4. The forth and last management style is Laissez-faire.This leadership style is what most would call a laid back manager.This style makes the playing ground equal for management and employees.This style can bring out the best in creative groups of employee's.The downside to this management style is that it can lead to a lack of focus and direction.This can be enough to destroy a company.There has to be someone or a group of people who help to make a final decision.
When deciding on your own management style take a look at your business and your employees and figure out what method will work best for each of them and for you.

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