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Tips for creating unity among your sales team

There are many reasons why it is important to encourage unity among the members of your sales team.Not only has research shown that sales teams that have good relationships between coworkers perform better in the business sense, but they are also happier to come to work.Team unity increases morale and creates a sense of belonging.With this lower stress environment, people are better able to focus on their jobs instead of childish office drama or the clashing of egos.If you are a manager looking to improve unity among your sales team, consider the following suggestions:


You cannot expect a team to feel unified if they are physically separate.Make sure that work spaces are close enough that the people on your team are able to interact with each other on a daily basis.Break rooms, eating areas, and any other common place should be accessible by all members of the team.See that no one is left out of the group by combining different sets of individuals on projects.


Some friendly competition is a great way to bring together a team to work for the benefit of the whole.Work with other team managers to create opportunities for fun.There is always an appropriate amount of enjoyment that can be incorporated into the work place while still maintaining professionalism.

Opportunities for socialization

Create opportunities inside and outside of work for coworkers to socialize.A large part of unity is gained through trust.It is difficult to get to know someone to the level of developing trust if you are never given the chance to speak openly about the things of great importance to you (just in case you were wondering, your team members do not eat, sleep and breathe work, you have to cut them a little slack and they will respect you for it).

Regular meetings

Meet with your team at least once a week. Set a plan and goals for the week. Get the team to share ideas and experiences as well as give feedback concerning goals made in the previous week.Also, meet with each member of your team on a regular basis. This allows you to take part in the unifying of your team.Managers ought not to exclude themselves from the unified group.


Some people might see a desire to build team unity as just a round-about way of increasing the bottom line.It is true that money is one of the strongest motivators that we possess, but it is not the only one. Find out what motivates your team.Do not keep your thoughts on money or you will have missed the point entirely.Look for overall development.Look to provide your employees with what they need to succeed.We all need to feel like we belong to something important, let this be a starting point for your goals of creating team unity.

Creating unity among your sales team may feel like a daunting task especially when you have your hands full with so many other issues that you are responsible for.It is difficult to evaluate and train each employee individually while at the same time encouraging them to feel like part of the team.With so many different personalities and personal situations that become factors in a unified group, very few companies are able to boast consistent ability to foster complete unity at all times.Remember that some of the best ideas are stumbled upon by accident.Do not be afraid to try new thing if your past efforts for uniting your team have not turned out as you would have liked for them to.Encourage productivity, creativity and independence.Learn from mistakes and build on successes.

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