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Tips for handling Request Off books for companies open year round

manatdesk19160745.jpg When employees ask for time off, it can be a nightmare.Especially if it is during a busy season or when tons of people want time off.You have to be prepared for people taking time off, calling in sick, or your business will suffer because it is under staffed.

When you hire an employee make sure that you let them know that they will be expected to work holidays and night shifts.This way, they know right away what they are getting in to.You won't be able to fully get rid of employees complaints, but it will help.

Let your employees know that they will have to give sufficient notice if they want time off.Give them a specific time frame.Employees will always have time off they can take so make sure they know that they have to give sufficient notice for that too.Let your employees also know that not everyone can take time off.Let them know that they might not be able to take the time off they want and that to get in their time off as soon as possible.You will be more organized and better prepared for people taking time off if you make sure your employees are prepared too.

Have a chart for how many employees you can give the day off too.Don't make it to the bare minimum so your business is hardly able to run, but leave some spots for people who will call in sick.It happens and so you have to be prepared.Make the chart for either every day or every week, depending on how you run things.You will be better prepared and it will allow you to decide how many people you can let have the day off a lot easier.Change the amount of employees you need based on previous years and if you were over or under staffed on those days or weeks.

When you plan schedules, make sure you have more than enough workers.It may seem like you are wasting money by paying the employees when you don't really need them, but if you have 300 employees scheduled at one time, more than likely, you will have people call in sick, and not just one or two.You don't have to hire 50 extra employees for the specific time frame, but just a few extra so that you can still work to your normal capacity.

When handling request off books for a company that is open year round, you have to be very conscious of market and employee trends.You have to be prepared to work at full capacity or at normal capacity.It is better for a company to be overstaffed than understaffed.You want to make sure you are getting all your products out to clients when they need them.Require people to give sufficient notice before taking time off.There will always be someone who forgets or someone that has an emergency, so plan for thosethings.

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