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Tips for how to get employee input and advice

Employee input and advice is some of the most valuable information that your company can use for improvement.Employees are at the front lines of your operations.They are able to see details of specific jobs and can much more easily point out where changes can be made than can a manager who is responsible for overseeing the larger production matters.Employees are the backbone of the business and the importance of creating an environment where they can feel free to express concerns and suggestions cannot be emphasized enough.Below are just a few suggestions for managers who are looking for tips for how to get employee input and advice.

Regular meetings

As a manger you need to provide windows of opportunity for your employees to express their concerns, input and advice.Many time problems in the office are so severe that employees do not feel like they have time to set aside to make a special appointment with you.When there is an issue that needs to be addressed provide the employees involved with that concern with an opportunity to voice their opinions on the matter.

Focus on specific areas of the office

Focus on specific areas of the office that may not be working as efficiently as other areas.Ask for possible explanations for why things may not be going so well.With any problems that are brought up, ask what types of solutions they think are possible.Ask employees what they feel you as a manager can or should do to solve a problem or make the office run more smoothly.

Do not take the offensive

How can you expect your employees to come to you with questions, concerns, input or advice if you are argumentative to their claims?Every comment has merit and should be treated with respect and consideration.This is not to say that you must implement every suggestion that you receive.It is to say that unless you are sure, because of experience that a certain change will not be beneficial it should be considered as a course of action.Do not let pre-conceived notions stunt your company's progress.

Respect in the workplace

If your employees do not respect your position as a leader they are unlikely to trust that you would make a change if they came to you with input.You must earn the respect by example.As a manager you should be working to gain a reputation as an advocate for the employees that you manage rather than simply a glorified babysitter.

Make the comfort of anonymity available

Often time's employees are hesitant to bring up concerns that they may have about their job or the company because they do not want to cause trouble or to come across as someone who is difficult to please or not a team player.Many companies have long recognized the benefits of providing employees with a risk free way of saying exactly what they want to their managers.The way it works is that the employee is able to write or to fill out a questionnaire online concerning how they feel about the operations of the business.They are given an opportunity to rate the efficiency of their leaders and to provide input and advice completely anonymously.A third party, which is usually an upper management or human resources team that is located in a different office or is other wise detached from the branch holding the survey, will review the responses and present findings to the managers.No one person's comments are singled out and the managers are able to hear the needs of their employees in a constructive and private manner.

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