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Tips for learning to lead, especially if you are new to management

It isn't easy leading a team of employees, especially when you have never been a manager or a team leader before.Don't get scared because it won't be hard for you to become a good leader.It takes a lot of time and effort to become a good leader but it is not impossible to achieve.When you first start your leadership job you might be a little intimidated and have questions like "will people actually listen to me".You have to feel confident about yourself and the purpose of yourself and your team.Let's go over some tips that will help you become a better leader and stay a good leader.

You have to be confident and out going.You can not be scared of your team.If you are intimidated by anyone on your team it will keep you from doing certain things.Always be able to speak your mind and let people know what needs to be done, how to do it and you also need to tell them when they aren't doing things correctly.Your team is going to count on you to speak your mind and give information when it is needed.When you are giving instructions to someone you have to be firm, any hesitation in your voice will let the people know that you are intimidated by them and they could use that to their advantage and take advantage of you.

Get you know everyone that you are working with.It is always good to analyze habit and work ethics.Some people work differently then others and to get along with everyone better you should get to know each persons style of working so you can accommodate them and give them a job that they will be happy with.For example if someone prefers to work alone, then you will give them a job that he/she is able to work alone.You will also need to get to know names and faces.Your employees will feel like you care that much more when you know their name.It would also be a good idea to know some personal things about your employees, so that you can understand them better.Maybe one day one of your employees comes in and she looks really stressed out, but you spoke with her before and knew that she was a full time student and this week is finals week.In this situation you would think that she is stressed because of school.Taking time for your employees and their personal thoughts is very important to management, you are running a team and how can you do that if you do not know your team.

Always have time to listen to your employees.Sometimes a manager is the closest thing to a confidant that most people have.You do not have to be so personal that you are everyone's best friend, but you should be there if someone needs to talk.Maybe someone is having a problem at home and the only way they can perform their work is to talk about it and get it out.Maybe it is not a home problem that is a problem.Maybe someone has a problem with another co-worker.You will need to listen to any problems that might arise and come up with a way that could possibly fix that problem.When your employees see that you car enough to help with their problems the more willing they will be to stand behind you and get their work done.

Remember to always put in as much effort as your employees.Let your employees see that you are working just as hard as they are.Be sure to never take longer breaks then you are allowed, just because you are manager doesn't mean that you should get special treatment.You are a part of the team just as much as anyone else it, you may be authority but you should not be treat superior to others.

Those were just a few suggestions on how to be a good leader.Be patient and you will find your own leadership techniques, and you can pass those techniques on to others.

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