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Tips for managing integrated offices (meaning when two companies merge)

manandwomanbacktoback63312983.jpg When two companies merge it is a really stressful time for everyone.It can be really stressful time for employees especially.They have to worry about so many things.Here are some tips for how to manage an office that has just been combined with another office.

Assign each person their own job.If there were 2 people or more doing the same job, they will feel pressured and there will be a rivalry between them and a competition that won't be good for the company.They will be so worried about losing their job that they won't focus on doing it the best they can because they might worry about the other person and making sure he doesn't get the promotion.If you need both of them to do the same job, then put them in a group and assign the project to the group and them to the group.It will help it be less confusing.Also, if you create a group, assign a leader.That person will be responsible for the group and will be in charge if other members of the group are having problems with each other.

Make sure your human resource department is there and that it lets people know that it is there if people want to talk.Some employees will start feeling many different things and so they will need someone to talk to.Let employees see that the company cares about them and that they will work with employees to make sure that they are ok with everything.

When you are talking about merging companies, let your employees know as soon as negotiations are finished.Assure your employees that they aren't in danger of losing their jobs.People will start to worry about their job and if they are going to lose it.They will start to find other jobs and will lose their loyalty to the company if they have the slightest doubt about their job.Give people their titles and their new jobs right when you tell them about the merge with the other company.It will make it smooth for everyone and give more assurance to your employees.

When you merge with another company, the best thing to do is to make sure that you are there for your employees.If you are a large company, make sure the supervisors know that this responsibility will be placed on them.They will have to make sure they comfort any employees that are upset or worried about their jobs.

Meet with all the employees who will be directly effected by the merge of the companies.In the meeting let them know about the changes that will go on, the name of the company, and any other details they need to know.It will help them feel more comfortable about the move.You can even have a get together or a party and invite all the employees.Have activities where people can mingle and meet other people.It will help the two different companies merge easier.The workers will get to know each other and they will feel like it's the job they have had for a long time.

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