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Tips for managing multiple teams

Growing companies often have the problems of working out a system of managing multiple teams.Managers obviously need to make sure that all teams are working together to achieve the best possible outcome for the company, but this act is easier said than done.Managing multiple teams from a single location can become quite a tricky task.But, like most things in the business world, where there is a will there is a way and there are certainly plenty of tips for successfully managing multiple teams.

Be a strong leader

When you manage multiple teams you need to gain leadership qualities that will make up for the fact that you may not be physically present at all of the meetings that you preside at.In other words, you must make your presence felt by giving directions in an authoritative and decisive manner.Managing multiple teams is more difficult because the time that you do spend with each team in face-to-face conversation needs to be especially meaningful.Your local leadership needs to feel like they have a strong relationship with there sometimes absent superior.A good multiple team manager should also be able to delegate responsibilities clearly.


Learning how to structure your teams so that they can be managed effectively remotely is a necessity.You must have ways of receiving feedback so as to know how your teams are performing when you are not there.You need to be as much a part of the team as possible without physically being there.

Promote problem solving

Without you being there to give constant guidance to your team, you will need to find ways that you can promote innovative thinking and problem solving skills. Generating ideas is often a matter for more than one team and thus relationships between the teams that you manage should also be fostered.

Encourage communication

Body language is a huge part of business and not being with your team puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to simply sensing when something is wrong.Encourage open and honest communication.Encourage your team members to express their opinions by being open to different viewpoints.

Stress management

Managing multiple teams is hard for anyone.You must seek out ways that you can manage stress while traveling, while away from your team, while away from your own home or family if that is the case, etc.You must not neglect the need that you have to address issues of personal productivity.You must develop a means by which you can distinguish where you should focus your time and effort.

Personal accountability and encouragement

Encouraging accountability and motivating employees from a distance is one of the biggest challenges of managing multiple teams.Human interaction is obviously much more beneficial to a struggling employee.Boost team moral by using your creativity to develop competitions, give out prizes and recognize exceptional work.Teach your teams how they can turn conflict and disagreement into a solution that all can be happy with.Anticipate problems and deal with them quickly so that you diffuse any potentially detrimental situations before things get out of hand.

Evaluations and feedback

Performance appraisals should be positive experiences where individuals are praised on their good work and are encouraged to remain positive and to make improvements.When you do not work directly with the employee that you are evaluating you may want to involve the performance evaluations given by local leadership as well.Involve people who have worked directly with the employee so that they have a local contact that they are able to work with if changes are to be made.

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