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Tips for working safety in an office

Making sure you have a safe and healthy office environment is very important! Nobody wants to worry about getting hurt while they're at work. Working safety in an office requires special attention. There are a countless number of situations and things to be aware of. Here are some tips for working safety in an office:

A safe and comfortable office allows employees to work easily without needing to stretch too far, sit or stand too long, or use awkward postures.At times, changing the equipment or furniture is the best solution to help employees to be able to work freely and comfortably. Allowing employees to take short breaks can also lessen injuries and discomfort. Taking breaks allows them to relax, re-nourish themselves and gently stretch. Studies have shown that those individuals that work at computers will have less discomfort when they get to take short, hourly breaks.

Always remember to pay attention to hazards, equipment and work station design, environment (temperature, light, noise, ventilation, and space), personal interactions, work pace and sometimes even chemical or other environmental exposures.

Some hazards often seen in offices that can lead to injury or illness can be:
Object hazards:
cords across the walkways, leaving low drawers open, objects falling from overhead.
Design-related hazards:
nonadjustable furniture or equipment.
Hazards caused by demands of the job:
speed or repetition, lifting, duration, and job control.
Additional hazards:
chemical or biological hazards.
High levels of stress in the workplace can also cause illness to the employees.
*Make sure to check and clear the work area of all hazards before beginning work.

The #1 cause of office employee injuries are:
Elevated surfaces - standing on chairs, falling out of chairs, falling down stairs
Manufacturing areas, and Parking lots.

Some important precautions to working safety in the office:
Be aware!
Keep aisles clear.
"Walk like a duck" on slippery surfaces.
Use the handrail on the stairs.
Report any open hazardous liquid containers to Maintenance.
Hold onto chair seats and arms when attempting to sit.
Use approved step stools and ladders only.
Wear sensible shoes.
Wipe up any spills.
Always walk, don't run.

Employees should start the work day off right by wearing appropriate and safe attire:
Wear comfortable, loose clothing to allow free movement of the hips and back.
Avoid open-toed shoes and sandals, whenever possible. If there is a sharp object or a hazardous spill, wearing open-toed shoes could be very dangerous.
Wear comfortable shoes with a low heel to reduce leg and back pain and to help prevent slips and falls.

Another tip for working safety in the office is proper training. Most incidents and injuries are the result of unsafe acts of employees. There are many ways to train employees on safety procedures around the office. One way is requiring them to watch safety videos. There are a number of different safety videos to choose from. Some videos to consider are:
Safety Orientation in Office Environments, Office Safety Basics, Lifting Safely in Office Environments, Hazard Communications, Office and Computer Ergonomics, What to do in case of a Workplace Emergency.
These videos cover most of the safety tips needed to run a safe office.

Proper training is essential to making sure there is safety in an office. There are certain federal and state health and safety regulation guidelines to work within. Having mandatory safety meetings to cover this information and other safety tips will reduce any unwanted illnesses and accidents. It is crucial to properly educate your employees on safety. Following these tips for working safety in the office will create a safe and happy atmosphere for all that work there.

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