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Tips to building an effective office team

Looking for ways to get your office team on track to productivity and better communication? Here are some helpful tips, that you can evaluate and see what will help your team.

Using positive offices dynamics help build strength within a team. A drained office team will cause lack in productivity and overall strife. As a manager, this simply cannot happen. Moreover, frankly should not happen, with all the tools available to increase teamwork.

Creating an effective team takes keeping a few things in mind. Here are some basic steps to remember.


Every team needs a similar goal. This is the main part of creating a plan for team camaraderie. A common goal can help the office team to know what they are working for.


Setting expectations within the team so, they know what goal they are trying to reach within a set period is another step.


Keep the communication channels open. People will tend to chat amongst each other with gossip if they feel they can go to the manager for advice, feedback and resolution


Clearly, define the responsibility of each team member. There will always be a member who will do more, and another who will try to do as little as possible. Therefore, assigning clear responsibilities will help prevent burnout and boredom.


With all the hustle and bustle office teams forget to see that the other people on their teams are just that teams. So every once in awhile, allow an extended lunch, encourage team responsibilities and projects and create an atmosphere or team camaraderie.


Give decision-making power to the members of a team working on a project. This will allow for more creative thinking and ownership.


Offer progressive feedback in the team. As people we all want to know where we stand, where we can improve and of course how fantastic, we are.

Be Realistic

Set deadlines, goals and expectations within a reasonable limit. Keep the office team updated with the progress.

Regular office team meetings

On a regular basis, have team meetings. This is so that you can praise the positive work completed. Discuss future assignments, do an over all just complain section, and recognize and fantastic hurtles concurred.

Discourage gossip and secrecy

While wanting to encourage an open door policy, you also want to discourage gossip and secrecy. Gossip and secrecy are tools for animosity and deception. These actions can cause an entire team to fall apart.


Use the same policy and procedure with everyone. Do not have favorites and do not select when to use a disciplinary action. Be equal across the board. The same goes for praise.


Create the image of your team inside yourself. Show the people in the office what you expect by setting yourself as the example. People tend to follow the leader when it comes to actions inside a team.

With these tips in mind, remember that most of all, expectations and communication is the first and utmost important steps in creating a successful office team.

If you say you will do something do it. If you expect something to happen by a certain day or time frame, stay with it. Praise and result is a common wanted emotion, so verbally express the need and the result will follow.

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