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Top Seven Ways to Promote your Ezine

To grow your ezine subscriber numbers, you need to let people online and offline know about it. Here's seven ways:

1. Network offline. Visit professional like-minded groups. These groups usually meet once a month, have speakers, and networking time for you to mix with other professionals. Have your free ezine 30-second "tell and sell" ready at networking time, or put your free ezine announcement/ad on a half page flyer to post on the networking table. Always include the top 3-4 benefits of the ezine. Example: I'm Judy Cullins and work with small business people who want tomanifest their book dreams. To get my free monthly ezine, The Book Coach Says, full of tips, articles and resources on book writing, publishing, and promotion visit my site at

2. Speak to groups as a teleclass guest speaker or to a group in your city. Pass a clipboard around that has your ezine's title and space for signups below. Ask them to print clearly their name and their email address. Make sure you let them know it's free--that's the big attraction usually. After receiving good information for a few months or so, you may start getting sales from people who now trust you as the savvy expert.

3. Promote your ezine on your web site. Don't just say "Subscribe to my Free Ezine." Give your audience a reason to buy. The free ezine helps you finish, publish, and sell your book-fast! Dan Poynter, Mr. Self-Publishing says, "totally worth your time." Offer an opt-in and opt-out place to subscribe and unsubscribe that automatically sends the notice to your email.

4. Promote your ezine through your signature file that you put at the bottom of each email you send out. In 5-7 lines include your name and business benefits, your book title, and your free offer, your ezine. Online audiences like monthly ezines so they don't get too much email. Make the subscribe address a hyperlink, so your readers can just click and sign up. Make sure your ezine matches your company's focus.

5. Offer your subscribers a free gift subscription to send to their friends.
You can use another autoresponder to send the gift, plus whom it's from, and a little blurb about what they will be receiving. Always include a way for subscribers to unsubscribe.

6. Submit a short version of your actual ezine to the opt-in (no spam) ePublishers who want your useful articles as well. This approach reaches a wholenew audience that you don't have to look for. If you have already subscribed to 10-20 of these such as, your ezine will reach 10-20 thousand subscribers. Don't include hyperlinks within the ezine, but only in thesignature file. EPublishers don't want them.

7. Send out press releases via email about your ezine. Press releases by email are different from print ones. They must be short! They must be newsworthy! We at Skills Unlimited Publishing send out over 150 different print releases a year, and are just beginning the great adventure online. Rather than a pitch for your ezine, include a useful tip, so more people will read it and think you offer great free how-to information.

You have something valuable to share. Let people know about your ezine, because what most people want is free information. That helps them eventually have enough information to buy from you.

Judy Cullins 2004 All Rights Reserved.

Judy Cullins: 20-year author, speaker, book coach Helps entrepreneurs manifest their book and web dreams eBk: "How to Market your Business on the Internet" Special: Complimentary Teleclass"Use Speaking and Writing to Market your Business" Nov. 18, 5-6:30pm PST -- FRE.E "The Book Coach Says..." or Business Tip of the Month -- mailto:Judy@b... Orders: 866/200-9743 -- Ph: 619/466-0622

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