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Top tips on delegating


Here are the top tips you can follow when choosing to delegate work in the workplace.

Tip one:

Once your employees have successfully completed the job or project that you have given them you will want to recognize their success. You can recognize their success by giving them credit for a job well done and for praising them for getting the task competed. Employees enjoy hearing positive feedback to the work that they are doing because it makes them feel better about themselves, and they will be more likely to take on more responsibility if you reward them for what they have done.

Tip two:

When you are delegating projects to your employees, you will want to keep a record of what projects you have delegated and whom you have delegated them to. This will help you stay organized and will help you track the various projects that are going on. When recording down the job and who you delegated it to you will also want to include the status of the job and update it as you get feedback from employees.

Tip three:

You need to put a system into place that will allow your employees to provide you with feedback on the projects, but you want to make sure that you set up a system that will not cause you to be interrupted numerous times throughout the day. One thing that you can do is to set up meetings on specific dates that will allow your employees to provide you with feedback on a regular basis. If an emergency comes up you will need to be available to help your employees so that no further problems develop and everything can stay on task, emergencies are worth the interruptions.

Tip four:

Whom you delegate the tasks to is going to determine how much space you give the person to complete the task. If you are delegating the task to somebody that you know is capable of handling the task you can give him or her free rein. You can allow the person to use their imagination and do things differently because you know they will get the results that you are looking for in the end. If you are delegating the work to somebody to give them, some extra responsibilities and are not sure if they are up for the task you will need to provide them with closer supervision.

Tip five:

If you are delegating your work because you do not have enough time to do the work yourself it probably means you do not have enough time to give out explicit instructions. If this is the case, you are going to want to assign the work to an employee that does not require a lot of babysitting. You want to give the work to somebody who will be able to get the work done with minimal directions because they have done the work before or have had similar assignments before.

Tip six:

Always make yourself available for questions that people might have. If people are not sure how to complete a certain part of the task you will want to be available to give them advice on how it should be done. This is important because even though you have delegated the work to somebody else you are still responsible for the results, so you want to make sure everything is done right.

Tip seven:

Give a realistic deadline for when the project needs to be completed. You should also talk to the person you are assigning the project to, to make sure that the deadline you are setting is something that works for them. When setting the deadline make sure you provide them with the specifics of what needs to be done and a schedule of when you will want them to check in with you so you can see how things are going.

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