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Using a staffing agency to get experience with employees before hiring

So you need to hire someone. Just applying for a job is a big enough pain, but it can be an even bigger pain for those who have to review all the applications and do all the interviews. How can you possibly make a decision when so many people apply for a job. Most of us would love to be able to just give everyone a job and not have to make a difficult decision that will inevitably leave some people hanging without employment. That is usually just the nature of business, but there are other options that can help to eliminate the hassle and work associated with hiring a new employee. You have probably heard of temporary staffing agencies. These are companies that have a large group of people on call to work for you at any time. Many of these individuals are qualified and can perform many different tasks. They are not just available for heavy labor, but also for a number of different jobs that may require different levels of skill. The temporary worker comes into your business and performs the particular task you need he or she to perform. There is no contract and when the temporary worker is done with the job, you can choose to either never work with them again or give them further work. Temping, in other words, allows for you to get special projects done that you don't need to higher a whole new employee to do.

But what if you need to higher someone for good. Would a staffing agency be able to help you then? The answer would seem to be yes. You might think that employing a temporary worker to do what a full time new worker should do would be a waste, but there are actually several benefits to choosing this route. One of the major benefits of doing pre hire work through a temporary agency is that you will be able to review the temporary worker's skills and work effort in your business environment without having to make any kind of commitment to them. If they are a poor worker and incapable of accomplishing the assigned task, you can simply choose not to higher them. If they are highly competent then you might have found a great worker and someone that will greatly improve the productivity of your business.

Using temporary services for pre hire also ensures that the temporary worker will have gone through some sort of screening process with the temporary staffing agency. When you higher from the general, unscreaned public, you run the risk of getting anyone in your business.

Another advantage of using temporary staffing agency employees for pre hire is that you can see if they fit in well in your business environment. This can be a big advantage for you and for them. If they don't like the business then they will find out quickly. It won't pay for you to have an employee who hates to work in your company, so both you and the employee can win through pre hire.

After doing the pre hire with a temporary staffing agency employee, you might also realize that you don't really need someone to fill the position, or that you could give that position's responsibilities to someone else. The advantages of pre hire are really fantastic and could save you lots of money, time, and hassle. So if you are tired of long lines of people who you have to interview, or who end up providing the wrong sorts of services, consider a temporary staffing agency and a temporary worker before you decide on someone else.

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