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What are the fundamentals of coaching and what does it have to do with management


Coaching is a way to teach people how to complete a task and learn new things.When you are a coach it is your duty to help your teams fulfill their purpose.There are many different types of coaches, the most common that you probably hear about are sports coaches.Those coaches are teaching and helping their team of players perform at peak condition.The type of coaching that we are going to be talking about is coaching in the work place.In the work place coaches are called managers.Let's talk about the fundamentals of coaching and how each one relates to management.

As a coach there are many tasks you must perform
. You will have to be a supporter and a listener.You team is relying on you to support their needs, and they want you to be there for them when they need to talk.You will need to have good communication skills for this.In the work place as a manager you will need to support you team and help them get their job done.Be supportive of their life outside of work, if they need specials hours help them as much as possible.If your employees have a problem with work out with another employee you should be there to listen and become a problem solver if necessary.

You will need to teach your team. Depending on what you are teaching you will need to be educated in your vocation so that you will be able to teach your team what they need to know to get the job done.When you hire new employees you can't expect them to know their job right off the bat, which is why you will need to train them.

When new policies come out about certain things at work, it will be your responsibility as the coach to make sure that every single one of your employees know, and follow the new policies.You will need to teach your team to work together because only when they work together will everybody’s jobs get done correctly and efficiently.Remember to always let your team see that you are working just as hard as they are, don't let them feel like they are the only ones doing all the work.

Encourage and award achievement. These two fundamentals of coaching are important.When you encourage your team to do well and let them know that they are needed, they will try harder.Be honest and up front with your team, let them know what they are doing wrong and compliment them when they are doing stuff right.Your team needs to feel that they are not only doing their job but they also need to know that they are fulfilling a purpose.Achievement can be awarded in several different ways.You can give certificates of excellence, give parties, or just a pat on the back and a nice “great job” would be fine.

Those are some fundamentals of coaching and how they are used in the work place.The most important thing about coaching is that your team achieves their goals, because when they achieve their goal you have done your job as their coach.

Coaching has everything to do with managing. A manager needs to be a coach and a mentor for their employees so that they are constantly learning and improving.

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