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What is a disciplinary layoff and what rules must be followed?

Employees of a business have the responsibility to follow the rules. It is true that they may do a lot for the business but that does not give them license to break rules. Because the business is paying them and paying for the equipment they use, they are under obligation to follow the rules that the business sets. It does not matter whether or not they think those rules are fair. If they do not like the rules, they can find another job or can implement steps to change them, they cannot just disobey them. When they do, they should be laid off, and this is considered a disciplinary layoff.

Children who break the rules in school will sometimes get suspended, depending on how big of a thing it was. Similarly, employees who violate work rules can be laid off for a certain period of time. This is what is called a disciplinary layoff. The employee loses their job for a certain period of time because they were not disciplined and did not follow the rules. It is not a vacation from work however; there are rules that must be followed while that person is laid off.

If a child were told that they had to clean the bathroom before they could have dessert, that dessert can, in a small way, resemble a paycheck. The child would be told that if they did not clean the bathroom there would be a punishment and they would have to be sent to time-out. Time-out can be looked at as the time an employee is laid off from their job. Continuing with this illustration, say the child does not clean the bathroom and is sent to time-out, would it make sense to send them to time-out with a piece of cake in their hands? It would not. The cake was only to be rewarded to them if they did their part and cleaned the bathroom.

Just as the child had the responsibility to clean the bathroom if they wanted cake, the employee has the responsibility to follow rules on the job in order to receive a paycheck. If they employee is laid off from the job because they did not follow those rules, they cannot be paid. When they signed on with the business they likely entered into a contract with the employers. That contract defined the different responsibilities of the employer and the employed. Some of the responsibilities of the employed are dependent on the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the employer. For example, in order to do their job effectively they have to be provided with the necessary tools to carry out that job.

Likewise, some of the responsibilities of the employer are dependent on the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the employed. For example, in order for them to pay their employees their employees have to put in sufficient effort to produce work that is worthy of pay. Unfortunately for the employees, they are not the ones to determine what work is worthy of pay. The employers set the rules, the employees follow the rules, and they all walk away happy. They all put food on their table.

The working world is just application of what we all learned when we were kids.except at a much higher level. Instead of following rules on the playground so we can continue to play there we are following the rules of the business world so that we can continue to work there and put food on our tables. Working may require more effort than playing on the playground, but in the end the same basic principles apply. You just need to learn to get along with people and follow the rules.

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