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What is a document locator number?

When you have a lot of documents to keep track of the best way go about keeping track of them is through a document locator system. It not only keeps them organized but it also keeps them easily accessible for future use. You would want to keep things organized such as receipts and checks. The document locator system is mainly for financial documents. When you get to that end-of-the-year tax return and you need one receipt in order to get some of your money back, you will be able to easily find that receipt.

This system is the same system the IRS uses to locate your documents. They stamp numbers on things such as tax returns and checks so that they can easily access those documents if they need to. The document locator number is simply the number that is stamped onto your documents. These documents can then be filed and stored for future use. It really is a great system if you want to get organized. You may be organized in that you have all your receipts in one drawer and all your checks in another, but are you organized so that if you needed to find a specific receipt in the drawer you could easily grab it? This is what the document locator system helps you to do.

If you are going to come up with your own document locator system you will need to come up with some sort of filing system. You will need to create tabs for different types of documents. You may have a tab that deals with loans. You may have a tab the deals with personal expenses. You may have tab that deals with your children's expenses. You need to create this system first off so that the rest of the process is much easier. Once the tabs are created it becomes very easy to start filing your documents.

After your documents are filed, or while you are filing them, you will want to create a document locator sheet. This is a sheet that tells you where each document is located, or in other words, where you filed it to, or what you filed it under. This sheet is a very critical sheet. You should have more than one copy of it incase there is and accident and the first gets ruined. You will want to be sure to keep your backup copy in a secure place such as a safe. You need to keep it somewhere that it could not get ruined. This may be the most important part of the system because it is the key that tells you where everything is. Without it you would be very lost in your filing system if you ever needed to quickly find a document and you did not know where to start looking.

Having financial strategies such as the document locator system are great tools for helping you be financially secure. The more strategies you implement with your finances, the more money you will save. If you spend your money but never keep track of it and never keep track of the documents that correlate with it, you would end up losing a lot of money. But if you keep track of the money you spend and keep your financial documents on record then you will avoid spending a lot of money towards wasteful things.

The document locator system is just one more thing that, if implemented, could help your finances become a whole lot more organized. It would make it so your financial documents would be easily accessible when you need them If the system works well enough for the IRS who have to keep track of a whole lot more documents than one person's share, it should work well for individual people.

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