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What is Jet Aviation, what services do they provide, how do I contact them?

What is jet aviation?
Jet Aviation is a world wide air servicing aviation firm.Jet Aviation was founded in Switzerland in 1967.They have 20 airport facilities that they use to service their clients. They have offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America and South America.They offer a number of difference services.A few of those services are listed in the paragraphs below.Even more information about capabilities and directories is available in a PDF guide that can be downloaded from Jet Aviation's website at news and information about Jet Aviation can also be found on their website.

What services do they provide?
On the Jet Aviation website nearly two dozen different services are listed.Below are just a few of those services:Please refer to their website ( for a more detailed description and for more information regarding these services.

Maintenance - Jet Aviation provides at gate services to their aircrafts.These services are available in a number of different countries.Depending on what country you are in, Jet Aviation provides maintenance services for a number of different airlines and jet types.This includes, fuel services, refurbishment, painting, cargo and handling.
Avionics - avionics is the science that deals with the development and use of electronic devises in aviation.Avionics is actually also particularly important to the space program.These sophisticated devices are maintained by Jet Aviation at most of their maintenance sites. Airframes, engines and APU use can be found in their available varieties on Jet Aviation's website.
Completions and engineering services - Completion services include the addition of amenities.Comfortable seats, conference tables, telephones, other electronic devises and any other comfortable flying accommodations can be found in many different model options.There are brochures of available services by location on the website. Engineering services and certification services are available worldwide. Jet Aviation specializes in interior modifications as well as aircraft systems design to meet customer specifications. These modifications can happen in large scale (building of the aircraft) or small modifications can be made at the client's aircraft housing facility.
Fixed base operations - Jet Aviation's fixed base operations are consistently recognized as the best in the world.They can handle issues of refueling, passenger and crew transportation, catering and hotel accommodations, immigration and customs services, flight handling, and line maintenance.Jet Aviation also provides terminal services to meet business traveler and airline employee needs (such as crew showers, snooze rooms, lounges and conference rooms).
Aircraft sales - Jet Aviations helps you with your aircraft purchases by performing market research to keep you informed of the best new innovations available.They also watch aircraft tax law changes to keep you informed.Marketing and acquisition services are world-wide and well researched.
Management - Different management offices are located worldwide for your convenience.You can find the closest management assistance by logging on to Jet Aviation's website and looking through their places of operation.
Aviation staffing - Jet Aviation has a department called Jet Professionals.Jet Professionals is an industry leader in providing quality trained staff.This staff includes pilots, flight attendants, technicians, dispatchers, schedulers and more.Jet Professionals can also take care of your bookkeeping needs such as providing employee benefits, temporary employee re-sourcing, drug testing, etc.Personnel services through Jet Professionals are available through their website at or by calling 1-800-441-6016.

How Do I Contact Them?

All of Jet Aviation's contact information is on their website; is the best place to look for a facility closest to where you live.Headquarter information is listed below:

Headquarters Worldwide
Jet Aviation Management AG
P.O. Box 586 CH-8034 Zurich

Headquarters North America
Jet Aviation Holdings USA, Inc.
112 Charles A, Lindberg Dr.
Teterboro Airport
Teterboro, NJ 07608

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