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What is NLP and when should you use it?

What is NLP?
Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, utilizes a set of models to see how communication impacts how people think and what they experience. The models used in NLP provide techniques for quickly learning how to change thought patterns that limit your progression and attainment in life.

The main idea of NLP is that a person's thoughts, gestures and words all interact to create the way that person perceives the world, whether positive of negative. NLP suggests you can change your outlook, through models, allowing that person to improve their attitudes and overall actions.

The major models used in NLP include:
- Sensory acuity and physiology. This states that thinking and physiology are closely related and a person's thought processes change their actual physiological state.
- Meta model. This is a set of tasks that work to discover the underlying meaning under a person's sentences when they speak.
- Representational systems. This model states that a person's language reveals the way they represent knowledge, and communication problems are the result of people with different "representations" trying to talk to each other.
- The Milton-model.Mostly done through hypnosis, this model teaches you to be vague in your communication.
- Eye accessing cues. This model uses observations of a person's eye movement to tell what they are really thinking when they talk to you. For example, this model teaches how to tell whether a person is lying based on their eyes.
- Metaprograms. Metaprograms tell how people process information and make decisions, such as moving towards goals and other information.

Regardless of the model, NLP basically teaches that people can develop successful habits and thought patterns by strengthening helpful behaviors while diminishing thoughts and habits that are negative, and that they have everything within themselves needed to accomplish this. In addition, NLP supporters believe positive change can come when people model the behaviors and beliefs of successful people whom they admire and want to be like.

When should I use NLP?
NLP can be useful in the business world in a variety of contexts, including:
- Sales. NLP can be useful for your sales professionals by teaching them to develop rapport quickly through a variety of communication means, including both verbal and nonverbal cues designed to help people identify with and respond to the sales message as well as the salesperson. In addition, NLP can train sales professionals about the right questions to ask and how to ask them, and well as using NLP language patterns to overcome objections.
- Communication. Most people can benefit from some sort of communication. NLP processes can teach people how to communicate through language in a way that allows you to express yourself more clearly and with more elegance.
- Negotiations. Regardless of the business, whether you're negotiating a large sale or the salary of a new employee, negotiations are present in most business settings. NLP can utilize its methods to teach negotiation tactics that will result in the satisfaction of both parties.

Neuro-linguistic programming can be an effective way to develop a more positive mindset and be more successful in your overall business practices. There are a variety of NLP classes and courses available. Ask around for recommendations, and be sure to only take courses from certified and trained NLP professionals.

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