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What makes a good mission statement

portfolio37194029.jpgA mission statement is a simple way to announce to your customers, investors, employees, and clients what your business stands for. The purpose of the mission statement is to engage people and let them know why you business is important. A mission statement is an easy way to get the word out there about your business. You should use it when you create annual reports or when you are holding conferences and meetings to remind people what your business stands for.

Another big reason why you need to create a mission statement is to gain support. Your mission statement should inspire others to learn more about the company and to become passionate about your ideas. Non-profit organizations use their mission statements as marketing tools that help to gain public support. Donations are the main source of revenue for non-profit organizations and without it; many non-profits would not be able to get the financing they need to stay in business.

If you need to develop a mission statement for your business, start by listing all the reasons why you are in business. Are you in the business of helping others? Why do customers want to support and buy from your company? Having a list of different ideas can help you narrow down the ones that you would like to use in a mission statement. Some ways to create these ideas is to start with the reason why you started the business in the first place. Why is this business something that you are passionate about? As you go through the reasons why you are in business, it will be easy to ignite that passion in others.

A mission statement must be short and to the point. You need to clearly define why you are in business. Quickly state what your business goals are and the main objective of your business. For example, if you are a non-profit organization, focus on the niche market you are targeting. Briefly explain to people how your business will make a difference in their lives.

Take a look at the mission statements of some of your competitors. This is a simple way to make yours stand out tactfully from theirs. Make a list of all the ways that your business is different from theirs. Perhaps it is the way you manufacture the products or it's the price or customer service of your company. As you list all the reasons how your company is different, ideas will begin to come that will help you develop a solid mission statement.

As you are creating a mission statement, look at some ways to use it to brand your company. Some companies create short mission statements that are actually used as their pitch line. Insurance companies commonly use this tactic as it is an easy way to attract customers and show them how they stand apart from their competition.
Avoid tooting your own horn too much. While customers want to hear what your company is about, they don't want you to praise yourself too much. Be honest and keep it short. This is the best way to attract customers and to gain their respect and attention. Don't make false claims like "we are the best at this" or "our company is the world leader of this". When you make claims like this, customers get turned off by the self-congratulatory language.

After you have revised the mission statement several times, always have a few extra pairs of eyes look it over. Having multiple people look at the mission statement will help you make sure that it is polished. Ask them to look for language errors and to make sure the statement flows easily and that it is inspirational.

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