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What to look for in hiring an air ambulance for emergency employee transfer

Medical emergencies happen.It is up to you as a responsible business manager to know how you are going to provide medical care for your employees.In some cases hiring an air ambulance for emergency employee transfer is the responsible thing to do.An air ambulance is typically used for those businesses that are far away from medical assistance and a traditional ambulance would not be able to travel long distances as quickly.Whatever your reasons for wanting to hire an air ambulance, you now must decide between the different air ambulance provider options that are available.But what exactly should you be looking for when hiring an air ambulance for emergency employee transfer?Consider the following factors:

Level of treatment - You need to have an idea of what levels of treatment you foresee as being needed.For example, if you work in a high risk environment and you see a lot of injuries, you will need to look for an air ambulance that is well equipped for traumatic injuries.Other air ambulances boast their abilities to provide on-board vent-dependent patient capabilities.If you would to err on the side of caution, compare cervices provided by several air ambulance services and determine for yourself which one can handle the most situations (life-threatening or not).

What on-air staff is provided? -
Some air ambulance companies have fewer medical personnel aboard than others.The level of medical knowledge among this on-board crew will also vary.There are MD's, RN's, RT's, pediatric specialists, and critical care paramedics, just to name a few.Make sure that as you decide on an air ambulance for emergency employee transfer that you consider the kind of care that they will get in the air as well as on the ground.

Hours of operation -
Most air ambulance services are 24 hours a day all 7 days of the week, but occasionally you may come across a company that has set hours.You need to know if you can do without a 24/7 provider.Also, consider ambulatory staff expertise around the clock.Ask your potential air ambulance companies questions about what kind of medical expertise will be flying when.You want to make sure that you can get quality care regardless of the hour of the day or night.

Accreditation and Certification -
Make sure that you hire an air ambulance that has experience and has been recognized for its performance.Accredidation (such as from the Commission on Accredidation of Medical Transport Systems) and Certification (such as being a FAA part 135 Certified Air Carrier) can give you the peace of mind that you are working with a tried and true company.Consider recognition on both the state and federal level.

Competitive pricing - Of course you can never put a price on someone's life, so it is not recommended that you chooses the cheapest air ambulance that you can find.But of course, prices will vary and it would not be unreasonable to go with a company that can provide excellent medical care at a competitive price.After all, the cost of care isn't a flat rate.It fluctuates from state to state and between service providers.

Location and Proximity - An air ambulance is preferred over ground ambulance transport because of speed.Check to see where the closest air ambulance provider is to you.Consider how many planes the provider has and how often they are available.Make sure that your air ambulance can get either to your exact location or to an airport close by quickly.Compare companies to determine who could get to your business, and then to the nearest hospital, in the least amount of time.

Now that you know what to look for when hiring an air ambulance for emergency employee transfer don't forget to consider insurance coverage issues.Your employees deserve the best medical treatment possible and it is up to you to make this very important decision on their behalf.

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