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What you can do as a manager to communicate better


As a manager within a company or a small business, it is your job to lead by communicating the goals of the company to the different employees within your department. This is an important job because it requires you to communicate in a way that employees can accomplish exactly what needs to be done. As a manager, it should be your goal to communicate the best way possible and to constantly work at making your communication skills stronger.

People respond well when they are talked to face to face and have someone explain to them what needs to happen in way that does not demean them in any way. If you at all become confrontational with an employee about a job that needs to happen, then they will immediately dislike you and choose not to really listen to what you have to say.

Be a pleasant person who people actually like to be around and use those professional friendships to build trust. You can communicate better with people that you know because you both begin to understand each others body language and use of words more than if you were to distance yourself and be a faceless figure than sent out emails once a week and patrolled the cubicles every so often. Being a manager is like being the captain of a team. These people are you team mates. If you can put them on the same plane as you and work with them like they are important to you, then they will eagerly listen and go about their jobs from a completely different mind set.

The mind is a powerful thing and can accomplish a lot when it is put on the right track. As the manager, communicate your game plans to the other employees and let them know that you have confidence in them and they are more than capable of accomplishing them. While the plan is being carried out, be accessible so that misunderstandings can be worked out, problems can be nipped in the bud right away, and so employees can start building a trust factor with you.

Building trust between a manager and employee all starts with good communication. There are many different ways of going about communicating with people. Each person responds differently and it should be a manager's goal to build up a tool box of social skills. Being able to communicate with your staff individually and being able to do it well is a great way to personally involve yourself in the work that is being.

Talking to them and not talking at them will make it a relationship where they can feel good about being honest and reporting problems when they happen and not after hours of scrambling to fix it alone. Being the manager is just what the word implies. Managing is a verb that is constant. You should constantly manage and run your department through its problems so that it can become more efficient and help the company achieve its success.

Doing this will make your employees more experienced for the future so that they can handle more difficult situations as they arise. You too will realize that your managing abilities will increase and that communicating to your staff is completely second nature because they will understand quicker, you can speak less but say more, and you will become a leader to them because they trust you.

Striving to communicate better as a manager is the only way to improve business. Efficiency is rooted in good communication and the foundation of success is communicated through good management.

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