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What You Can Do As a Manager to Increase Morale among Your Employees

Many managers are baffled by an age old question of how to increase morale among their employees.This is a difficult question because every manager is in charge of a unique group of employees, so there is not one specific solution for every manager's problem.But before another manager loses sleep over this difficult issue, here are some tips on keeping employees happy and on task.

Stock Options

It is difficult for many employees to increase their work hours or their productivity in order to improve a company when they know that their hard work will not directly affect their checking account.There is a simple solution to this problem: stock options.When a manager gives an employee stock options in the company, then that employee knows that an increase in their productivity will mean an increase in the worth of their stocks.


Nothing shows employees how much a manager appreciates them like a big bonus check.When an employee receives a large check for successfully completing a project or improving the company they will not only feel more appreciated, but they will be more likely to continue working hard to improve the company.Remember, money motivates!

Prizes or Incentives

Everybody loves to win free stuff!This is true for employees as well.Many employees will happily work extra hard if they know that they will be rewarded.A vacation for an employee and their family, tickets to an event, or a plasma T.V. could make employees' morale shoot through the roof, especially if they are competing with their co-workers.However, some managers recommend setting individual goals with each employee and then attach a prize to the successful completion of that goal to try and promote a positive working environment

The key to using prizes and incentives to increase morale among employees is to pick prizes that employees would work for.Giving employees a variety of prizes to choose from before hand can help any manager be sure that they are picking a prize that everyone wants.This will prevent giving a die-hard Knicks fan tickets to the ballet!

Promotions and Recognitions

People like to feel important.Many employees will maintain a high morale and take a large interest in the company if they know that there is a chance for them to move up the corporate ladder.Promotions can be a great way to keep employees contently working to build and improve a company.Not only will the company improve, but the manager won't look too bad either.

Another simple way to help employees feel important and appreciated is to recognize them for a job well done.Many managers sponsor elaborate awards banquets where employees are recognized for their contributions in front of the entire company and sometimes even the employees' families.Attach a little money to those awards and employees will be driven to prove they deserve the most prestigious award!

Just Ask

Managers do not need to be mind readers.If a manager wants to know what will motivate their team of employees to work happily, usually all they need to do is ask.When managers try to guess what will motivate their employees, they can sometimes demoralize their employees even more.An anonymous survey, relaxed luncheon, or casual conversation with employees will often reveal the secrets to what motivates them.

Managers do not need to feel left in dark when it comes to increasing the morale of their employees.By finding which of these tips works best for motivating their employees, they will be well on their way to having a more positive and a more productive workforce.

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