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What your job entails as a business manager

As a business manager your job entails more than just performing work duties. It requires you to not only perform your responsibilities productively and complete work tasks, it requires you to gain the respect and loyalty of your employees. Respect is a quality that is not innate, it is one that has to be earned.

You must treat your employees, peers and superiors with respect to gain their respect. Be sure to respect cultural and social differences of your employees. It is a diverse world and religion and rituals are very important to people. Trust your employees. Try not to monitor every move they make during their working day. Show that you respect their time and the work they do by paying them well. Salaries should be comparable to industry standards.

Know your employees first names. Using first names helps to create a more relaxed work atmosphere. Be sure to let every employee know that he/she makes positive contributions to the company. Everyone likes to feel they count and knowing that they make a difference will also increase their efforts. Inform your employees in person if you have to let them go or if their pay or hours are being cut. Do not hide behind email or an office memo.

Do not play favorites or show bias when dealing with employees. Do not take sides in employee quarrels and misunderstandings. You are not there to decide who is right or wrong. Try to help them work it out, if it is work related; if it is not, stay out of it. Do not support or join in office politics. Do not encourage employees to tell on others or ask them for information about another employee. Instead encourage your employees to work as a team. Avoid becoming too friendly with just one employee. Other employees may suspect favoritism, even when there is none. Never get romantically involved with an employee or flirt with employees. Dress appropriately. Do not wear clothing that is revealing or that may offend others. And do not allow employees to wear this type of clothing either.

Get a sense of what tasks are right and more suited for each employee. Some people are better at creative tasks, while other are better at the receptive one. If work tasks are mismatched, try to set things right. Manage your employees well, encourage them to work as a team. Know which people work well together and which do not. Show that your are part of the team by sharing in their responsibilities at times when help is needed. Praise your employees individually or as a team for exceptional work performances. Never scold or punish an employee in front of his/her colleagues for a mistake or error of any kind. Understand that mistakes will happen. Help employees to understand their error so they do not repeat it. Do not use a loud voice and never use swear words when you are trying to convey a message to them. Use constructive criticism if you feel it is needed. Learn tobe authoritative without being rude. Do not hold personal grudges against employees. It will only get in the way of doing your job productively and efficiently.

Set an example for your employees to follow. Manage your time well. Give employees credit when credit is due. Do not ever take credit for someone else's concept or idea. Do not behave inappropriately and let your employees know that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Do not engage or allow vulgar or offensive jokes to be told at the expense of others. Create a positive work environment that is comfortable for all employees to perform their work productively.

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