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Where can I get good team building training?

There are many places available in order to get good team building training. The place you choose will be what ever is the most time effective and convenient for you.

With all the options available, it is easier and easier for a manager to learn better ways of building good teams.

There are classes, e-Learning, tutorials, online study guides, self study CD-ROMs, educational videos, home study programs, j2ee application servers certification preparation, educational resources, professional training, computer courses, exam prep, j2ee application servers education and instructor led training (ILT) presentations.

Creating an effective and successful team is vital in any business. Some of the key areas that should be covered within the training you want to obtain are:
- Differences between a team and a group
- Using competition as a motivator
- How to recruit good team members
- 4 keys to good team communication
- 3 ways to deal with problem players
- 6 elements of a productive team meeting
- Why have a team activity or event
- How teams work
- What is a core team
- Defining your team
- Training about teams for your team
Your training can contain some or all of these, however the more you can get from the training the better off you and your team will be.
You will hear people say "we need a team building event" that is all well and good, however what are they and what will it accomplish?
The reality is that if these team building events are not done correctly they will cost the company a great deal of money and may not have as much of a positive effect as the company would hope.
Looking at all the parts of a team is a vital part of making a team-building event work. The team may work well in one area or another, however what are the steps that it will take to get the team to work well as a whole?
You can purchase the books, tapes and DVDs for around $9.00-250.00. For classes and training, it can be much more. However depending the type of training is the type of learning you will be able to do.
Some areas that as a manager we can help our teams be more successful is to remember the following:
- A feeling of identity
- On-going support
- Creative pooling of ideas
- Increased confidence
- Things tend to work better as a result of team effort
- You aren't alone
- Goals that make sense
The most successful way to get a team going is to set the process of establishing and developing a greater sense of collaboration and trust between team members. Interactive exercises, team assessments, and group discussions enable groups to cultivate this greater sense of teamwork
When you review what is included in the training to build a good team, look for these areas that can help you meet the needs of your team.
1. Learn to select the right team players
2. Establish your team goals
3. Allocate the right roles in your team
4. What training is there to learn to work together
5. Harmonizing personalities

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