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Why it is important to know how to read people's body language


When people talk, you can tell what they are saying not just by what they are speaking, but also what their body is doing. People talk with their hands, with their eyes, with every part that can help illustrate what they are saying. Sometimes people give away hidden motives because they have not learned how to control this body language. It turns out that body language is a science all in itself. People can be caught lying because of simple body movements that happen when someone is trying to tell a falsehood. One of the most famous examples of this is President Clinton's video tape of lying under oath during the Monica Lewinski scandal. Lie detector analysts use this tape because Clinton uses all of the body movements people use when they are trying to sound truthful. Isn't that ironic? Being able to read peoples body language is a skill that can be developed and used in the real world every day. Here are some situations where reading body language is a good thing.

Let us say that you are on a date with a girl, if you are a boy, or a boy, if you are a girl, and you are having a great time with them. It is most likely that their body language will be emanate a sense of comfort and ease. They will tend to smile during conversation and respond with physical movements that you will not necessarily notice if you are just friends. But if you start to become more and more attracted to them, it is then important to know if they feel the same way. The best way to give yourself some confidence in asking them straight out to date you is to first study them up a bit when you spend time with them. How do they react to you? If they tend to smile a lot at you and work harder to involve you in the conversation, this may certainly mean that they at least like you. Continuing to study could show that will try to be close to you in subtle ways, such as sitting on the couch together, happening to be at the same places at the same times, etc. If these things are happening, without having to ask you can build up a confidence that will help you further the relationship.

Let's say you are in a business and you deal with clients that come from a variety of financial positions. As a business person, you want to be able to work with your clientele so that they can pay for your service or product the best way that they can. You do not, however, want to have your chain pulled by someone who is obviously taking advantage of your good business by lying about what they can and can't pay for. For example, a rancher sold $25,000 worth of cattle to a man with confidence discussed between them that he would pay him bit by bit every month within a years time. The man seemed very eager to do business if he could be given the chance to pay off the debt in this way. The rancher agreed. To the rancher's dismay, the man declared bankruptcy within weeks after slaughtering all of the cattle and selling the meat to distributers. The rancher never saw a dime from any of the cattle. For the rancher, it was a pure loss. If the rancher could have read the man better and noticed some of the body language the man may have been giving off, the rancher would have certainly had a greater chance of preventing the man from hoodwinking him into a great financial loss.

Hopefully these situations help illustrate how being able to read and use body language can help you communicate better in the real world.

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