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Why people don't delegate

manhandcuffedtobriefcase8247331.jpgMost managers feel overwhelmed or stressed out from time to time.Some managers feel like they are stuck doing the same things over and over because there is no time to branch out and escape from the rigors of everyday assignments.If this sounds like you, some definite benefits can be had from delegating.Chances are that you know what delegation is and that you have the team members available to delegate to, so what is holding you back?

If you do not have time to do everything that is required of you, or you are doing a less than satisfactory job because you have so much on your plate, it is time to delegate.When your resources, time, and effort is limited there are people who can help.You do not need to feel like you are solely responsible for doing everything that everyone else wants for you to do.You do not need to feel like you are still letting people down even though you are working your hardest and trying your best.

Many times managers see delegation as less of an opportunity and more like another burden to add to an already stressful workday.Many managers are limited by their fear of letting go of the control that they have and assigning responsibility to others.When you fail to learn how to delegate, you miss the opportunities of being as successful and happy as you can possibly be.Fortunately, it is never too late to learn how to delegate.In learning how to delegate, you cannot only improve your day-to-day working experience, but you can also cultivate the abilities and confidence of the team of people that you are responsible for.

The main reason why people do not delegate is that it takes a lot of effort upfront.With an already hectic schedule, some people do not see learning how to delegate as enough of a necessity.After all, you already know how to do that task at hand; you may have done it a thousand times.You could also probably do it faster than anyone else could.So why bother, right?Well, the question that you need to ask yourself is if what you are doing is the best use of your time.

There are two reasons why people who do not delegate really should learn how to do so.The first reason why people who do not delegate really should learn how to do so is that there are opportunities lost when the delegation of more mundane tasks is not done.When a manager occupies his time doing that, which can be done by another, you cannot come up with new or better ideas for the company or for any individual task.You remain stagnant in your progress and everyone suffers.Your employees become bored, as they are never entrusted with any new or challenging tasks, you feel stuck in a dead-end job where there is never enough time to do anything new, and the company leaders see that your team suffers from poor morale and little productivity.The second reason why those who do not delegate need to start delegating is that there is a lot at stake personally.When employees work under a manager who does not trust them or who micromanages every assignment, it begins to take a toll on their confidence level.Employees feel trapped in their jobs when they are not given the freedom to think independently and solve new problems (like the new tasks that can be delegated to them). As a manager, you are responsible for seeing that your team evolves, and that includes making sure that you delegate responsibilities to allow for personal growth as well.

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