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Working with managers of other departments

Each corporation has mangers that have to work with other managers in different departments. It is inevitable that department issues can arise when trying to collaborate with other managers. Building trust between departments makes working with other professionals easier. Building trust between managers makes it easier to value one another.

Holding regular meetings makes it easier to work with other departments. This allows each manager to discuss their department issues. Having open communication between the departments will help the overall production of the company.

Keeping your priorities straight with each department is also a must do. Everyone likes to think the project their department is working on is the highest priority. When the department managers meet together, they can discuss department issues and their deadlines. Many conflicts can arise from insufficient scheduling between departments.

Here are a few tips when working with other departments:

1. You need the other manager's support. Your department's success depends on the cooperation and support of the other managers. No matter if your views are conflicting to one another, it is important to find a mutual understanding to allow your departments to work together.
2. A department's work is permanent and your project is temporary. Always know what is important for your department and keep your project in perspective. Departmental duties are important to employees and allow for proper evaluation from their superiors.
3. Have a deadline. When working with other departments, you should always tie your projects to specific deadlines. Departmental issues can occur and you may have to deal with adjustment to your overall deadline. The pressure to meet deadlines often allows departments to lack on certain responsibilities. Having to deal with recurring routines, deadlines and employees can cause departmental issues. When setting your deadlines, be reasonable to your staff and know their needs and set realistic expectations.

Working with other departments is just like working with a customer or a new client. Make sure you listen to their needs and do your best to help achieve them. It is still important to be true to your department and the daily tasks that are required. If a conflict does arise when working with other departments, you should meet with the department manager and try to find a solution that will work for everyone. Avoiding conflict between the departments will make it much easier on everyone. Never put your employees in the middle of a conflict between two department managers. The point of meeting with the department manager is to resolve department conflicts. Making your position clear to all the other departments will help them to know where you stand on certain issues. As a department manager, you are representing a lot of people and you need to respect the priorities you have set with them. Working together for the same goal instead of working against the other departments will be beneficial for all.

Working with other departments in an efficient manner not only satisfies the other departments' needs, but fulfills your wants as well. Every department faces critical deadlines and those deadlines can be one of the greatest obstacles for them if the other department they are working with does not cooperate. If each department does not have their goals clearly defined to the other department managers, they can easily be swept under the rug. This can spell out a potential disaster financially for a company. Think of if your payroll department didn't have all the employee paychecks submitted on time? You can face quite the recourse from your employees. Keeping clear communication between the departments and their managers is the best way to avoid potential disasters.

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