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Tips for implementing six sigma

Companies are always seeking out new ways to improve their products and services and to create better relationships with their customers. Implementing Six Sigma is one of the best ways in which you can improve your products by getting rid of errors. Here are some great tips that will allow you to implement Six Sigma in a timely manner.

Tip # 1 - Senior Leadership
One of the first things you need to do is to bring in senior leadership. You need people to buy in for this program from the top-down. If you are able to get effective leaders that like the program and are on board with it, this mental state will be delivered to your employees as well and they will have an easier time buying into the program. Your senior leaders need to receive training in Black Belts as this is a great way to work on getting the right type of program in place and to get the employees to follow suit.

Tip # 2 - Training
Six Sigma needs to have good training for it to work. You must look at the different methods of implementation and find a way to make it work effectively. Training in lean manufacturing and Six Sigma will give you a well-rounded opinion of the program, making it easier for you to create and effective program. All of the various Lean Six Sigma teams of the organization need to have tools with value stream mapping and must be in control over specific lean approaches.

Tip # 3 - Backup Plans
Never rely only on a system that is based on training only. You need to look into all the options that will help you fix your problems. One system by itself isn't going to be enough and you will need to consider all of the different ways in which you prevent serious problems by implementing all of the different tools.

Tip # 4 - Go beyond implementation
For Six Sigma methods to work you cannot rely only on the initial implementation. You need to move beyond this and recognize all the tools that will make the Six Sigma methods last for a long time. What are the long term business needs? What can the implementation team do in order to keep the organization safe and to keep it moving forward in the right manner?

Tip # 5 - Prepare for future leadership
The company must also need to have a plan in place for future leadership. You won't always have the same mangers at the organization and you must find a way to ensure that you can keep Six Sigma working in the right way. Six Sigma needs to have multiple people trained all the time instead of just leaving it to a team of individuals that may end up quitting the company in a few years. By creating this as a company-wide program, you will be able to change the mindsets of all the people that are involved.

Tip # 6 - Measurements
What are you using the measure your Six Sigma method? You need to have measurements in order for it to work successfully. The measurements need to be accurate and they must be able to provide you with end results that you can check on in order to see if they work or not.

Tip # 7 - Technology
Always make use of the right types of technology to aid in your Six Sigma program. You need to have the right software available in order to keep your company moving forward in the right direction with Six Sigma. New methods will help your bottom line by having operations that are able to get in line in the right manner.

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