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Using sales representatives to increase manufacturing sales

With the recession there have been many companies that have struggled to bring in sustainable sales. They also have a hard time getting new clients, which will provide not only money to pay for your payroll and other needs but will provide enough money to go into your accounts to build up your cash reserves. With employee benefits skyrocketing manufacturing companies need to find ways to increase their sales or risk losing employees. Not only will you risk losing your employees but you need to have plenty of money to pay for insurance costs that are also on the rise as well. If you have been struggling to get new clients to sustain your sales, it may be time that you turn to sales representatives. Their primary role will be to help you find new clients to work with and to ensure that your company is able to make a sales goal that it needs to break even and the goal you need to hit in order to provide bonuses and other things to your staff.

When you are looking to hire sales representatives, you need to consider alternative people to work with. There are a lot of independent sales representatives, which can save you a lot of money. This is because they will charge a flat fee for their services. You do not need to actually pay for health insurance costs and other things because they are not fully employed by your organization. This can save you up to $15,000 per employee! With such a high cost savings, hiring some independent sales representatives is a great option for your organization to get in touch with the right clients you need for your company to grow.

An independent sales rep can also help your company because they already have connections in a number of different organizations. They may be able to land you a government contract as they have already worked with the Department of Defense and other sectors in the past. Sales reps that work on commission are great since they will only be paid if they are able to complete the sale. It is a great way to get a lot of work and not worry about paying them until you are landing the big client and getting a large payday for the company as well.

If you feel the need to have sales reps on your staff at all times you need to recruit and then train them. They will likely come in with some proposals and other things but it is up to your organization to train them in your industry and to be sure they are able to fulfill your companies needs. If you are advertising for new sales reps use a number of different websites that will be able to allow you to post the information and attract sales reps that has possibly worked in the industry already. This way you don't need to do nearly as much training as you might need to on a sales rep that only has worked in the paper industry or somewhere that is opposite of what you do.

With the recession and many companies having a hard time bouncing back, brining in some fresh sales reps for your company is a smart option. It will allow you to find some diverse clients to work with and this will also aid in strengthening your company. A good sales force will be able to help you not only find new customers but they can help you with advertising costs, recruitment, benefits, training, and other costs that you might normally encounter.

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