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What is lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma or Lean Sigma to some is a combination of two business management strategies that coincide with Motorola's Six Sigma System.Lean Six Sigma focuses on a business using fewer materials and spending less money to create a product for consumers to purchase.To make decisions such as these, a business will appoint a board of directors or a group of employees that can help decide where to cut back on product being used and how you can still make the product valuable for consumers to purchase and use.

Lean Six Sigma focuses on a business using strategy solutions on production and reducing costs during the production development.When using Lean Six Sigma, a business will need to focus on the value of the product and how to keep the value of the product high when cutting back on materials that are used to create the product.As costs are cut, a business does not want to create short cuts that will lead to the product become useless and falls apart for consumers.The development process of products is important from the beginning to the end.
Lean Six Sigma focuses on the use of products and materials that are used and unnecessary.When using unnecessary products, your business is becoming wasteful and harming the environment.The environment needs to be protected for the future of a business and the product that is being created.As a business lowers the amount of materials used, let consumers in the community know that your business is protecting the environment and cutting back on the amount of materials being used, yet still developing and selling a product that will last for a long time and give you the satisfaction you are looking for and want.

Motorola's Six Sigma focuses on your business and how your business uses strategy and analysis to save your business money.The more places you can cut back costs and save money, the more your business will succeed.The production line of your business will have a lot of costs associated with it.The materials need to be purchased to make the product, as well as the proper equipment and machinery to complete the process.There will be employees that need to be hired to maintain the equipment and machinery and also help the production process to make the product.Each employee will be part of a department that will have a manager to help control situations and help the process of the products that are being created.

Time management is very important in a business and plays an important role with Lean Six Sigma.Without time management, the product that is being created would not have a time schedule and be completed in a timely manner.IF the product is not put on shelves or distributed out to the public in time, consumers will not purchase the product and your business will start to lose the valuable profit it needs to keep the equipment and machinery running and operating, as well as keeping all the employees employed with jobs.

When using Lean Six Sigma you will be able to improve your business and the effectiveness that is associated with operations and management.Lean Six Sigma will help improve the product that your business is creating and also the design that is associated with your business.The better you product is on a budget that is affordable, the more your business will succeed.Lean Six Sigma introduced different steps that will increase production of your business and the product that is affordable to consumers that will last them a long time.

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