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10 Greatest Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Sales

Let's face it, programs and opportunities are all over the internet, leaving the "average Joe" a little overwhelmed. While many have been successfully
marketing online for several years, others struggle to find that little peice of internet pie.

Let's focus on a few easy tips and tricks to help you trigger more sales:

1. Use a "P.S." at the end of your ad copy. This is were you either want to repeat a strong benefit or use a strong close like a free bonus. This also
works well as a reminder of a limited offer.

2. Publish a free ebook or ecourse and give it away from your web site or in your ezine. This will increase your traffic, sales and/or subscribers.

3. Create multiple streams of income with your website. You could sell your own products, join affiliate programs, sell advertising space, etc.

4. Give your visitors compliments in your ad copy. This can earn their trust and put them in a good mood, in return they will be easier to sell too.

5. Create new products or services only if there is a strong need for them. You won't have anyone to sell them to if you don't have a market.

6. Sell your backend products to your customers right after they order.Take them to a "Thank You" web page that includes other products you sell.

7. Sell a few products on your web site instead of selling a large amount of products. To many choices can overwhelm your visitors and they won't buy.

8. Include content and free stuff on your web site that promote the products you're selling. If they don't read your ads, they may read your offerings.

9. Remind your visitors that you're human not just a web site. You could publish information on your family life, a picture of yourself, a profile, etc.

10. Provide a "Contact Page" on your web site. Give your visitors as many options to contact you as possible. This will add credibility to your business. It is so important to be available when someone has questions or concerns.

Now here's hoping you got some great ideas! Remember, stay focused on your plan. When you need help, it's usually at your fingertips, don't be afraid to ask!

by Jullieanne Matheson


Jullieanne Matheson, Founder of Ezines-R-Us Promoting your business has never been this easy, affordable, or effective!
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