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5 keys to successful business online videos

Business videos are becoming more mainstream as a tool for marketing and teaching online.However, not all business videos are created equal.Because creation of a good quality video can be expensive, you want to make sure that you create the best video that will accomplish your goals.This article will outline the five keys to successful business online videos.

1.Determine the purpose of your video
You must have a single idea that you are trying to convey in your marketing video.Too often we try to pack all of the information into a video and the person watching the video gets confused with too much information.Define the exact purpose for the video and state that up front in the video.

In summary, in order to create a successful business video you must determine the message and audience before you begin production.The next hurdle is to keep the length short while keeping the content interesting and the delivery memorable.These are your five keys to a successful business marketing video.

2.Determine your target audience
If you have watched commercials during a child's television program, you can see that the commercials are vastly different from the commercials during an NFL game.You will need to determine your target audience before making your video.If your product is for the home then make the video pitch for the home.If the product is more for the tech savvy your video will be much different.

Also, if the video is to be seen by company employees versus potential customers, your video will be much different.A video that explains the virtues of a product to company employed salesmen doesn't have to have all of the bells and whistles that a video that will be viewed by potential customers.You will want to go all out if the video is to be used to market to potential customers.

3.Keep the length short
Most commercials are 30 seconds or a minute.Americans have learned to get information in small chunks.You will want to be careful that your marketing videos are not overly lengthy.Once somebody has decided to purchase or would like more information then you can give them longer videos that will cover the details.However, when you are marketing, you need to keep the information brief and to the point.

For example, when a telemarketer calls, we often dismiss them outright.However, if they can get the message in quickly you can make a decision if you are interested in the product or not instead of just trying to get off the phone.The same is true with any advertisement and this includes a marketing video.If it is a first exposure, keep the video short.If it is a second or third exposure the video can be longer and more in depth.

4.Content must be interesting
You must keep the audience's attention in order to get your message across.Beer commercials use humor and sex appeal.Be careful of these if this is not what your target audience appreciates.However, you need to keep your information fresh and appealing to your customers.

5.Delivery must be memorable
You need to make sure that the audience can remember what they saw long after the video.Have you ever watched a commercial and laughed and then realized that you didn't know what they were advertising?You can't afford to make that mistake.Make the content interesting and yet memorable for the content and not the delivery.

You can use the video to give an overview of the entire company and that may be the purpose for the video.If that is the case, do not go into all of the details in this video.You may have to create multiple videos to get the entire message to the recipient.

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