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Tips for saving marketing dollars

Every business is looking to save money. This is especially true when it comes to spending money on marketing. Marketing costs can quickly escalate and businesses are always looking for ways, to cut costs. However, it is important to note that you can still save marketing dollars in a variety of ways, without having to cut your marketing efforts. There are numerous low cost or even free marketing opportunities that can bring you a big return, for your business. The trick to saving marketing dollars is using some planning and some creativity. Here are some tips to get you started-

  • Re-think your graphic design-Graphic design can be a large chunk of any marketing budget. However, there are ways to save money, while not changing the impact of your marketing. You should start by using a critical eye to determine if you need, the amount of graphic design that you are using. Keep in mind that simpler is often more noticeable, to a consumer who spends their day, being confronted by numerous marketing messages. If you feel that you must use some graphic design, then consider hiring a freelance service, rather then hiring your own designer or using a graphic design firm. Many times freelance graphic artists are cheaper and have a much faster turnaround. They often work from home or have less overhead, so they can pass that savings, onto you, their customer.
  • Re-think your printer-Many companies feel that if they don't use a high end printer, their marketing materials, will look substandard. However, if you are a careful shopper, you can often find online printers that can produce your work, for a fraction of the cost and still make your work look high end. These online printers are able to combine your work, with lots of other companies and print in bulk. They can then offer a much lower price, for your printing work. Business owners should understand that while they want to make a striking impression with their print media, it is often tossed in the trash a few seconds after reading. Marketing dollars should be spend where they will make the most impact, most likely the quality of your printing, is not that place.
  • Re-think direct mail-More and more companies are turning away from direct mail marketing efforts. Direct mail is expensive, and often does not bring in the intended return. It is important to keep in mind that besides the printing costs, for direct mail, the postage costs can be exorbitant as well. Worse yet, direct mail is one of the most difficult marketing methods to measure return. You may get a large response, from your direct mail efforts, or nothing at all. Marketing experts recommend only using direct mail, to send out thank you mailers to your existing customers. This type of mailers has been shown to have the best rate of return of any type of direct mail marketing.
  • Re-think going online-You may be surprised to learn that in this day of the internet, some businesses are still hesitant to take their marketing online. However, business owners who are not online are missing out on a cost effective way to keep in touch with their customers. There are several different online marketing options that are low cost, while some are even free. The best way to start marketing online is by establishing a website. If you don't feel equipped to do this on your own, there are several sites that can guide you in the process, or you can hire a web consultant to spearhead the process. Once you have a website up and running then you can begin adding in different marketing options such as: email marketing, pay per click, social media, article marketing, blogging, discussion boards and other marketing opportunities. These are all great ways to help you save significant amounts of your marketing dollars, while still communicating with your customers.
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