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A run down of direct marketing

Are you interested in learning more about direct marketing?There are a couple of things that make direct marketing different from any other type of marketing practice.Here is a run down of direct marketing, so that you can better understand what makes this type of marketing unique and "direct:"
1) Measurable results:Direct marketing is especially different from other marketing endeavors because it puts an emphasis on having measurable, trackable results.Within the marketing industry, these results are called "responses."With direct marketing, you will be able to get these results or responses, regardless of what kind of media that you use!
2) Marriage mail:This is a form of direct marketing where more than one type of advertisement is placed inside an envelope.This allows many different direct marketers to combine together and send out one large envelope to potential customers.One of the most popular and well-recognized forms of marriage mail is the Valpack.

3) Direct marketing and media:Direct marketing uses a lot of different kinds of media to help track their results.Most of these types of media are sent in the mail, and they can include statement inserts, catalogs, postcards, card packs, magazines, and coupons.In addition to the postal mail, direct marketing also can include other types of media.Email, internet banner ads, billboards, transit ads, flyers, door hangers, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, pay-per-click ads, and package inserts. Direct marketers are able to track the results of their sent-out media by asking the potential customer to do take a specific action.For example, a door hanger could ask a person too call a 1-800 number, place an order, or visit a website.Other types of specific actions include returning a response card or completing a survey.These types of efforts make the marketing effort specifically direct marketing.
4) Mass emails:Sending out mass emails can also be a form of direct marketing.These emails can be termed as unwanted solicitations by customers, similar to solicitations of telemarketers.These emails are also referred to as "junk emails" or "spam emails."Some US jurisdictions, therefore, have required that there be a way for people to opt out of receiving junk emails.This option typically appears in the form of a link that is placed at the bottom of the mass email.
4) Cost:Direct marketing can be an effective way to reach your audience, but you should also be aware that there is a cost that needs to be paid with this form of marketing!For example, the sending out of different items in the postal mail can begin to be very costly.The cost per thousand with direct marketing is higher than with any other form of promotion.In addition, the cost to the environment is also high - large quantities of paper are thrown away with direct marketing endeavors.Each year, about 100 million trees are used to produce direct marketing "junk mail" advertisements.Americans receive almost 4 tons of junk mail each year!
In addition, another potential "cost" is the risk of losing customers through direct marketing efforts.Some potential customers hate receiving direct marketing advertisements, particularly emails, and they will specifically boycott companies which sent them advertisements.Other environment-conscious individuals boycott companies which send out mass "junk mail" flyers for a similar reason - they don't want to support a company which is using so much paper to make advertisements.Although the cost of losing these customers is small in comparison to the amount of people who you can receive through your direct marketing efforts, it is still important to take this group into consideration.

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