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All about email marketing

Email can be a powerful marketing tool to get your marketing message, to your customers. While there are a number of marketing tools that you can choose from email is highly efficient in getting the information out about your business, quickly and easily. However, it may surprise you to learn that many business owners and marketing managers overlook the benefits and ease of use that email marketing already has.If you want to say in constant contact with existing customers and attract potential customers, then email marketing is one of the easiest ways to do that. You can use email marketing as way to advertise and promote, what your business has to offer. Best of all you let your customers know about your products and services, with minimal effort, and for a very low cost.

One of the most commonly used ways to utilize email marketing is through sending e-newsletters. You can use your newsletter to teach your customers about anything new in your market, and specifically about your products and services. However, it cannot be stressed enough that these emails must contain information that is of value to your customers. If they do not, your customers will quickly grow tired of them, consider them spam, and block you from their emails. The frequency that you send out these emails, will depend heavily on what type of customer you are trying to appeal to and what they are looking for. Some businesses send out emails daily or weekly, while others think an email every month is enough. Keep in mind that if your customer feels overwhelmed with our emails, they will quickly block you from their inbox as well, no matter how good the quality of your newsletter.

There are other marketing strategies that you should take into account, when you are planning your email marketing. Here are a couple of strategies to consider-

  • Indirect marketing-This is primarily used to attract new customers. This is often done using mailing list that are purchased. Keep in mind that this can be a challenge because you can end up with invalid email addresses.

  • Retention marketing-This type of email marketing is used to retain your existing customers. This type of email is sent to inform existing customers about new products and services, and things that are happening inside your company. This is a popular way to stay in touch with your customers.

It cannot be stressed enough that whatever you email your customers (either potential or existing) needs to contain information that is of value to your customers. You need to know exactly why you are sending the email and exactly what you want it to accomplish. There are other things that can help make this achievable. These things are-
  • An easy to read template-You need to keep in mind that your email will have to attract your customers' attention in a matter of seconds. This means that your email should be concise and attention grabbing. You need to make sure that your emails can be easily read and easy to see. Visual appeal will be crucial in securing your customer's attention and not having them simply press the delete button.

  • Limit the number of ads that you include-It can be distracting if you start filling your emails with ads. Keep in mind that you want your customers to respond to the emails and not be distracted by what is on them. If you add to much clutter onto your emails, your customers may feel overwhelmed and simply move on.

  • Time your emails correctly-You want to make sure that you send out emails that you can respond to. If you want customers to call into the office, make sure that you are sending them out, when you have staff that can respond to questions and orders.

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