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Avoiding failure with direct mail marketing

debt39160349.jpgNo matter which marketing technique you plan to use for your business failure is always going to be a concern. If you create and follow a marketing plan failure is not as likely to happen but it can still happen. If you plan on using direct mail marketing as part of your marketing plan there are a few things that you can do to help avoid failure.

Here are some tips you can follow to help avoid failing when using direct mail marketing.

Tip one:
You want to make sure that your piece of mail doesn't look like junk mail. If your letter looks like junk mail, the chances are high that it is going to be tossed in the trash before it even is opened. In addition, if that happens that means your entire campaign was a waste of time. What you are going to want to do is to make sure that your mail doesn't look like junk mail from the envelope alone. Some things that you can do to make it seem more personal are to use real stamps instead of a postage meter. You can also remove your business logo so that the return address looks like it is from a real person rather than a business, you can even try handwriting the address instead of using a printer. If you would rather use a printer, try changing the font to one that is not often used or even change the color of the envelope. You can do numerous things if you just take the time to think about what makes you open an envelope rather than throwing it away.

Tip two
Your letter can still end up in the trash even if they open the envelope. This usually happens because what you are sending them is not something that they are finding very interesting. What you need to do is to come up with at least one sentence, two would be better, that will catch their interest enough to encourage them to continue reading. If they give up reading or you fail to grab their attention, your letter is going to end up being tossed. Coming up with a great headline is a surefire way to grab their attention. When coming up with a headline you are going to want to try to get some kind of an emotional response out of your readers and the stronger emotional response that you get the better it is because it will increase your chances that they will read on and buy your product or service. The best way to trigger that emotional response is to ask some type of question or provide them with some type of answer to a problem that your product is designed to stop. Whichever method you choose you are going to want to make sure that you are highlighting your biggest benefit in some way.

Tip three:
The following paragraphs after your headline are going to be just as important because if they get bored in the first few paragraphs they are no longer going to continue reading. The longer you get your potential customer to read your letter the better chance you have of getting some type of response from them. You will want to use your introduction paragraph as a way to grab their attention again. The best way to accomplish this is to know your target market, the more you know and understand about the market the better prepared you will be to write your letter. The reason for this is that you can write a letter based on what your target market needs and wants. Not to mention that you can write copy that is based directly at them, in words that they are going to understand and relate too.

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