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Benefits of direct mail marketing

Marketing, of course, has got to be done right; because marketing is the way you reach your customers. Let's consider some of the benefits of direct mail marketing.
1. Now, obviously there are drawbacks and benefits to most methods of marketing. This is because people enjoy their privacy, cherish their space, and when they get something, an advertisement, a flyer, whatever, that they didn't ask for, that little suspicious part of them gets going, i.e. where did they get my name? Where did they get my number? Do they have my credit card? Etc.

2. Happily, most forms of this kind of marketing have become general enough that your average Joe or Jane actually flips through them to see if there's anything of interest before tossing the whole load in the trash. And direct mail marketing, for the average homeowner or renter, is about the safest form of marketing they can imagine. They don't go into their email box, which is supposed to be their place to write whatever they want, and see the whole thing splashed with advertisements. With direct marketing, given the advance of technology, you avoid irritating your potential customers, or at least you annoy them minimally.
3. It's interesting to consider that the mailbox, the good old fashioned postal service, is almost thought of nostalgically now, a thing of the past when times were simpler and everything wasn't run by robots and computers. Of course, direct mail is still used hugely everywhere and shows now real signs of stopping. But the psychological effect is the same. It's more mom and pop, less intrusive.
4. Another benefit of direct mail marketing is that you're at least making sure that someone, at some time, will look at least at the logo of your company and get a chance to say Yea or Nay. That sort of comfort, of course, can't be had with a billboard or a magazine or even a television commercial. But people check their mail every day. People want to know what they got in the mail. And that brings up an interesting aspect of the benefits of direct mail marketing. But first, let's repeat, one of the great advantages of direct mail marketing is that your advertisement is guaranteed to go into every home. And it's guaranteed in a different way than, say, email marketing is. Usually when I open my email box and see an advertisement I'll delete it before even reading it. There's always the scare of downloading some nasty virus, etc. Not so with direct mail marketing.
5. OK, let's get to that interesting point I hinted about before. People enjoy getting mail. They open the mailbox and want to see something. Of course, this can work both ways for the marketer, e.g. if Jonathan is expecting a letter from his girlfriend Susie, opens his mailbox, sees a white envelope inside, feels his heart leap out of his body for joy, and snatches the precious missive only to discover that he's holding an advertisement for shoe polish. Understandably, Jonathan most likely express his anger and disappointment at Susie's laxity by tearing maybe the greatest shoe polish offer of his life to shreds. But you can bet that should he receive the same advertisement later, when he and Susie are cozily together, he'll treat it with a little more respect, or at least less primeval savagery. In spite of Jonathan, it's true that (and this may seem a little cynical) people want mail, people are lonely, and lots of people would rather get something than nothing. They're bored, they want to read something.
6. There are many ways in which direct mail marketing is advantageous. We've looked at a few of them here, but the main one to keep in mind is that the postal service has a certain, solid, old-fashioned respectability in the eyes of a lot of folks, and when you send a letter you're at least sure that the folks will give it a glance.

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