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Choosing software for your email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a relatively new phenomenon. Some people, relative newcomers to the Internet (relative meaning, they're well into adulthood and have only been using it for ten years, still regard with suspicion the presence of email marketing in their email account. After all, it's their personal mailbox, where they keep track of business, important personal relationships, and son on. Thankfully, more and more young people are hopping on the web these days and to them having an advertisement in their email is no different than having an advertisement in their mailbox back home. So, you've decided you want to give email marketing a try, and now it's time to look at software. Let's consider a few basic things about email marketing software in general.

  1. Not all software is the same software, of course, and often you get what you pay for. For example, many email providers today, following Google's example, are making it more difficult to slip email advertising in past the email provider watchdogs. On the other hand, advertising is one of the chief ways in which search engines make money, so that they've got to figure out this very difficult line to walk on.
  2. Email software can be expensive, and when it's inexpensive, as mentioned above, it's because it doesn't have some of the frills that its more expensive counterparts do. Frills in other contexts usually mean "meaningless accessories." That's not necessarily so with email marketing campaign software. Good email marketing campaign software tries to design their software in such a way that it will have minimal negative impact on the potential customer. Why would anybody want anything less, you say? Why would an email software provider not want to provide such frills? Well, it isn't so much a matter of not wanting to, it's a matter of (a) not being able to afford it, (b) limited manpower, (c) less sophisticated technology, and so on. The problem with some of the cheaper software for email marketing campaigns is that they're pretty counterintuitive, that is, they use sneaky means to get into your potential customer's email account, and when they show up it's hard to tell what they are.
  3. This brings us to the fear of viruses that's currently (and properly so) spreading across the Internet community. More and more regular folks are buying expensive, sophisticated programs that will enable them to eliminate spyware and other such Internet nastinesses. More and more regular folks tend to view with suspicion any email that comes into their email account from unknown source. Of course, you know and I know that just opening the letter doesn't unleash the virus, you've got to download the content. But people are thinking about their bank accounts here, their personal information-in a sense their whole lives are in that computer. Therefore, even if you're spending more money than you wanted to at first, your name will be linked with a more responsible approach than the sometimes underhanded ones of your competitors.
  4. You'll want to know what kinds of experiences other companies have had with email software. Some of this information can be found on the Internet, and some will have to be found in other ways. Probably there's somebody already on your marketing staff who can either give you valuable information or be able to produce it without much sweat. The point is, it's going to take a lot more than one article to give you an effective picture of what's available in email software, what advantages exist in one, one disadvantage in another, and so forth. Always keep in mind that your customer may have been scammed before, or maybe he knows somebody who's been scammed, or maybe he knows somebody who knows somebody who's been scammed. Doesn't matter how far back the chain goes, that's the sort of thing that stays in a person's mind.
  5. That said, email software is one area in which you should definitely not cut corners in order to save money. As we said before, and as everyone knows, the Internet is the wave of the future, and you don't want to drown as a result of having purchased shoddy equipment.

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