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Creating a full proof marketing campaign

Coming up with ideas to market is easy, but actually making a marketing campaign is a little tricky. There are several different approaches to a marketing campaign. Will this be a targeted campaign? Will this be a viral campaign, e-mail campaign, direct mail campaign, or SEO campaign? Obviously you have quite a lot of options to choose from. Let's take a look at some guidelines for creating a full proof marketing campaign.

Decide how you want to market
If you are an internet junkie, you probably know all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategies. Chances are your listed on Google, AOL, yahoo and msn already. If not, this is definitely something you need to look into. The internet is the biggest tool marketers have. Pay-per click marketing campaigns are quite popular. Starting up a pay-per click campaign does require a lot of time and effort. In order to be successful with internet marketing, you must have three tools; text, link, and popularity.

Another popular marketing campaign is to do a direct mail campaign. You create a great flyer or catalog and send it to all of your customers. Here is the catch, why do they want to buy? Are you offering new products? If so, promote them! Offer discounts, free shipping or anything else that hooks them into your campaign to make it successful. Starting a direct mail campaign requires a few things; a budget, a good mailing list, writing and time. You need to plan on 3-6 months to send out a good direct mail campaign.

Trying out an e-mail campaign? Do you know where to start? Most people take a look at their current contact and send updates and newsletters; not a bad plan to weed out the invalid e-mail addresses you have on file. Another great way to send an e-mail campaign is to purchase a good list from a competitor or someone in your specific field. Be careful with e-mail campaigns though. Recent studies have shown that 50% of e-mail is flagged as SPAM mail and the target customer you want to reach never even sees it.

Making it Full Proof
So you have narrowed down what type of marketing campaign you would like to do. Now you just need to take the time to plan, prepare and get the ball rolling. A marketing campaign is only successful if planned out and followed through. Here are a few steps:

  1. Know Your Market and Customer
  2. Know Your Product and Service
  3. Who/What is the Target?
  4. How much time is projected for the campaign?
  5. Evaluate Results

Starting up a full proof marketing campaign does you know good if you don't know who you are targeting or what the market looks like. Are you targeting your market during the holidays or in slow season? Careful planning, timing and focus groups can help you out here. What about your customer? You have to sit down and ask yourself why they want or need what you offer. Make your product appealing, make sure everyone at the company knows the product and can talk to anyone about it. This helps with viral marketing. Get the word out from inside the company. After you have decided who and what you are going to target, plan out how much time you need to run the marketing campaign. Do you want a short term or long term campaign? How much money and manpower do you need for your campaign? All these questions need to be carefully thought through and planned. Once your marketing campaign has run, it's time to evaluate the results. Where did the campaign succeed? Where did it fall short? How can you improve for the next campaign?

Whatever road you go to make a full proof marketing campaign, just remember to take your time to organize it. A little extra time to make it right never hurt!

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